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No student would want to receive a failing mark and risk their academic success. For those struggling, asking for professional help is an option. You are not the only one having difficulties completing academic tasks. Just doing research and collecting important data to include in a paper is already time consuming and exhausting. But the next step of composing and including compelling parts to write an impressive essay is more tiring.

Since students are also required to participate in extracurricular activities, it seems that 24 hours in a day is not enough to complete all that needs to be done. It is nearly impossible to write all academic papers for all subjects and finish them before the deadline. When seeking for a professional help, one must be:

  • Skilled and expert on the subject matter
  • Reliable to meet the deadline
  • Trustworthy to write a 100% authentic and plagiarism free paper
  • Experienced
  • Customer’s satisfaction should be their number one priority

With the above factors taken into consideration, it would be easier to determine which of the academic writing services provided could best fit your requirement and could help you achieve your desired grade.


Not all students are articulative and such students find it hard to transfer their thoughts into papers. That’s why they may face a hard time writing and finishing their academic papers on time. This is Academized’s know-how, or so they say. They promise that if you have an essay or a research paper, dissertation, course work, or any academic assignment that you are unsure about, contacting them would result in you getting the best solution, as a highly qualified will undertake your work. This sounds good, but is just what they promise. If you ever order a piece from them, you’ll realize the standard of their work is subpar.

Placing your order is as easy as one, two, three though. Simply, fill the order application form and mention all the details and requirements. From there, the writer who’ll be assigned would get in touch with you to clarify your requirements to ensure that they are met 100%. Thereafter, you will be notified regarding the completed paperwork within the specified time which can be downloaded. It’s definitely easy and sounds great, but it’s all for show as most of the time, the writer doesn’t even get in touch with you.

If you search online, you will see that there are many Academized writing reviews claiming that it is not legit or that it is a scam. Everything they say is true, but is the essay company really a scam? They don’t run away with your money, but this might be better than getting what’s supposed to be a PhD level essay, similar to something a child would write.

What is the Company’s History?

Academized is a renowned name in assisting students in writing numerous and various kinds of academic papers, but for all the wrong reasons. The company has been servicing students from 133 countries around the world. They write an average of 20,000 papers yearly. This makes the service sound great, but they don’t have the best reputation, as mentioned. So, don’t be tempted.

List of Services Provided

The services provided by Academized could be categorized into six main classifications:

  • Writing Services
  • Proofreading
  • Assignment writing for Math/Science related subjects
  • Copywriting
  • Rewriting
  • Editing

There are other services they provide that you might think is not included in the six main classifications, which are as follows:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Movie Review
  • Resume/CV Writing Services
  • Multiple Choice Question Buildup

List of Charges

Of course, Academized’s service comes at a cost! The prices offered for each service depends on the type of academic paper you ordered, as well as its academic level and the urgency. For comparative purposes, we’d list the difference in prices for a one-page essay with approximately 275 words.

14 days Deadline

  • High School Level – $13
  • 1st– 3rd Year College Level – $15
  • 4thYear College Level – $15
  • Master’s Level – $22
  • Doctoral Level – $22

24 hours Deadline

  • High School Level – $25
  • 1st– 3rd Year College Level – $25
  • 4thYear College Level – $31
  • Master’s Level – $40
  • Doctoral Level – $40

As you can see, the nearer the deadline is, the more expensive it is. So, it is better to place your order 14 days in advance to save more money.

Methods of Payment

Payment is supported by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Payment process is 100% reliable and authentic, which is a silver lining at least. Clients are also ensured that they are only paying for the service they have availed. No hidden charges, no service fees and other non-essential remunerations. No surprises since the amount during check out is the only amount you need to pay.

The “money back guarantee” and “no hidden charges” are some of the highlights of clients’ review because it provides them with security knowing that they could be compensated if there is any issue and that they are not paying for a service or a feature that they do not require.

Quality of Writers

According to the essay company, the writers working on your Academized paper are knowledgeable in a broad range of topics and subject matters. That’s why Academized says that the diversity of a topic is not a problem since the writers hired are specialized in various disciplines, whatever topic the student needs.

This is what they promise, but this is all for show. If you check the majority of the Academized reviews out there, you’ll see that they’ve left many students unhappy. The quality of their work is horrible as there are many mistakes, and the writing is high school level, even if you purchased something for your Masters’ program. Moreover, they’re not fans of offering refunds.

Customer Service

In the Contact Us section of the website, you would see all the contact details you need to reach out to customer service support staff. You may not want to do this though. Their customer support answers questions with very vague replies. What’s more, their call center loves ignoring calls, which is something that’s seen in the worst essay companies.

If you checked the many Academized review out there, you’ll see that the company’s call center reps are even impolite at times. However, we didn’t experience such a thing.

Ease of use for the website

For clients accessing the website via their mobile phones, a pop up would appear with common inquiries and difficulties experienced by customers who availed of the service such as help in logging in, request for a revision, question about their services, existing order, etc. With this, the clients would know that they are not the only one who experience the same issue and it would be easier for Academized to categorize the feedback/complaints received and be directed to the person concerned.

With the use of symbols and elements, the website is not boring to look at. It actually encourages you to read all the details and information posted no matter how chunky the text is because they made the information easy to read and digest.

Pros And Cons


Payment can be made in installment method

Clients and customers can pay in installment upon request and subject to approval. It could be approved if the following terms are met:

  • Payment for order made is $500 or more
  • First payment is to be settled as soon as client received the payment link
  • Delivery of the order is subject to payment made by the client. The client would receive part of their order that corresponds to what they have paid. Delivery of the whole order is to be sent when the client completed the payment.

Offered in different currency

Since Academized is availed by students all around the globe, one of their positive features is that they offer their services in different currencies. Once a client fills the order form, there is an option for payment to be processed in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD and AUD making it easier for students to know how much they need to pay.

Time Delivery Difference Compensation

For late deliveries, customers can apply for time delivery difference compensation, but is still subject to terms and conditions. Calculations for the compensation differ for every client and are usually based on the deadline that was initially set and the period of delay.

Collection of Personal Data

Academized does not use tools to mine data that you are not comfortable to share or is used without your consent. Since privacy for availing this service is important to students, this privacy policy puts everyone’s mind at ease. This is appreciated, but doesn’t make up for their less than great work.

Order- Now Button

Students who wanted to hire writers could easily do so since the “Order Now” button is noticeable. Clients with Academized discount code could use their code by clicking the “Order Now” button or even the “Proceed to Order” button which is also as conspicuous.

Extra Services

For a fee, you could avail of extra services they offer instead of trying to find a different supplier. A writer in their top 10% for additional 30% fee would ensure that your final paper would get an A+ or if you want another set of eyes to proofread or edit your paper, you only need to shell out an additional $11.


Writer’s Profile is incomplete

One of the negative reviews that are posted online is that the writer’s profile is incomplete. Some have commented that a profile photo should be uploaded to put a face on the writer helping them and to make it more personal. The writer’s names are also not displayed, just a number. Even an alias or just a first name will do.

Free Trial

For those wondering is academized legit a free trial to their services might answer their hesitations. Similar to other service provider, it would also help them attract new customers since they have experienced first-hand how the company helped them and they would see the potential benefits of hiring writers for their other academic writing needs.

Their Services Aren’t The Best

Academized has garnered a reputation for being a below average writing service. Although they can deliver quality work, they are unreliable.

The use of word “Cheap”

At the bottom of the page is a section for links to services offered by Academized where the word “cheap” was often used. It might be done for the sake of search engine optimization but there is a negative connotation to the word especially if it is to describe an academic paper. It might adversely affect Academized ratings since it might imply that the papers are substandard.

Questions in the FAQ are not that Frequently Asked

The questions mentioned in the FAQ could not be considered as frequently asked because they are already obviously answered in the website. The first question is about the services provided by Academized and the answer provided is not complete. We would just click on the link for services to read about the answer instead of reading it in the FAQ section.

Writer’s Credentials

Based on the “Our Writers” section, they mentioned that writers present their academic information if they want to work for Academized. These academic backgrounds could have been reflected on their profiles to make them more credible. If am a PhD student looking for a PhD Thesis writer, I would be more at ease knowing that someone who is a PhD degree holder in my discipline is the one writing it for me. This would also give credence to reviews on Academized because it emphasized the educational achievements of the writers.


If our review of Academized is to be summarized into one word, it is going to be the word ‘nah’. The essay company offers services that are a hit or a miss. Although they can be alright, for the most part, their work is less than great. We were disappointed with the thesis we ordered, and we know of many people who feel this way.


Whatever way you look at it, the cons outweigh the pros, making the company not worth your while. If you want a piece done, working with Academized’s competitors is a good move. So, is academized good? It’s crystal clear that it’s not.

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