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The Problem With Custom Writing

You’ve probably heard about custom writing services — websites that write papers for you and companies that help you contact professional writers who can help you write your paper, essay, research project, or whatnot. With the growing popularity of companies that write essays for students,  this market has become inflated with numerous websites that offer you cheap reliable essay writing service and give you all sorts of promises just to get you interested. So, with such an abundance of similar academic writing websites, how do you tell a decent website from a bunch of unprofessional and poorly qualified writers? Stick around, because that’s exactly what we are about to find out.

Why Is It Important?

Though debates on whether this kind of business is ethical or not are getting ever fiercer, the fact remains — this is a rather useful tool for students who might lack time, skill, or knowledge to finish their homework in a proper manner. There are different types of students, and while some might use such services because they are just plain lazy, most clients coming to the essay websites might just have a hard time balancing their education, work, personal life, and other duties that might hinder their focus on studying. Such students are the primary target audience of academic writing services — they need some extra hands to get all of their dues on time and in a proper manner so that they would hire professional academic writers who would not only write their essay but also make it look authentic and truly theirs.

A good writer can even mimic your writing style so that your paper does look like something you could have written. That is exactly why online writing companies have managed to rise to such prominence within the last decade. Though custom writing is not a new thing, it seems that it has become especially pivotal for students in recent years. Yet, with a growing number of brands on the market, how do you find your best essay writing website? It might be challenging, but knowing some of the main criteria of good websites that write essays for you, you can narrow down your area of search down to just several websites that would most likely deliver the best quality paper for you.

How To Make It Work In Your Favor?

The whole premise of that industry is that you are going to get a good paper you’ll be able to get a decent mark on for a reasonable amount of money. Writing essays for students is a huge industry with thousands of writers from all around the world, writing thousands and thousands of papers for students every day. You get too chose the topic, a number of pages you want, give detailed instructions on what your paper should look like, and voila! In just a couple of hours or days, depending on the size of your work, you receive a fresh out of oven paper. In most cases, you are dealing with the writer who’s already written hundreds of similar papers and knows the topic through and through. But even a good writer can make a mistake, especially if given vague or incomplete instructions. In a way, it’s like a fast-food restaurant where they make thousands of similar burgers to thousands of clients, and sometimes those burgers end up really sloppy and hard to handle.

In the case of top academic writing sites, you can get into much more detail on how you want your burger served to you. That way, you can make sure you get exactly what you want. So, the key to success is providing your writer with as much detail as possible. Just by buying that paper from academic writer, you save yourself tons of time you would otherwise spend writing it yourself, so spare a couple of minutes to give your writer detailed instructions. That way you can make sure you get what you want.

How To Determine If The Service Is Good For You?

This is no easy task, let me tell you, and it is hard to tell which one is the best essay writing website just by the looks of it. They might all look appealing and professional on the surface, but you need to pay attention to the details, minor things they might even be willing to hide from you. Here, we are going to give you a couple of brief college paper writing service reviews. A small disclaimer here: you need to check all of the following websites for yourself because only you can give a final word on whether to use the service or not.

Top Quality Essay Writing Services


Edubirdie is one of the best writing sites by many accounts: first of all, they work with professional writers who are bound to give proofs of their proficiency in a particular field before they can start writing papers. So, if you order a paper on Political Sciences, you can be sure your writer has a diploma in a respective field. Secondly, they have a great support team that mediates communication between the client and the writer in a polite and timely manner.


A decent writing service that has been around for years. Having access to a huge database of writers, they can set you up with some of the best specialists in any field imaginable. Additionally, they do not only write papers, but they can also edit and proofread your papers for a modest price if that’s what you need. These guys can polish your essay and make it shine.


Professional writing service that focuses on writing essays for students around the world. Short essays are their cup of tea, but it does not mean they cannot write dissertations or conduct research projects for you. Enough time given, and these guys can pull out any kind of task.


One of the top-rated websites among all the academic writing websites around the world. This one is famous for the quality of its papers. Additionally, they know how to treat their customers well giving you discounts and promotions for loyalty.


A distinctive feature of this website is its focus on quality. Most of their writers are highly experienced professionals who put some real effort into each paper they write. They value quality over quantity, that’s clear, so it might be worthwhile to check this website out.


This one combines quality and affordability well. Paperial is most likely the cheapest writing service we’ll talk about, but at the same time, it does not fail to deliver. This website gives you the best quality to price ratio. More so, they deal with short deadlines too.


This is not just a custom writing website, this is a huge database of essays on a variety of topics. Here, you can find some samples of works that might help you with some ideas for your own paper. This is a great website for the learners stuck with essay.


As the name suggests, these guys make an emphasis on speed. This website provides professional academic assistance and does it fast, so this might be a good choice for when you are on a tight schedule.

Tips On Finding The Best Writing Service

  • Writers and Samples

We’ve just given you the list of websites we consider worthy of your attention, but do not just trust our word — check them out yourself. Never trust anyone saying they write the best essays of all time because they are probably lying straight to your face. Always check and inspect everything you see. So, once you get to any of those websites, check out their writers, see what they can offer. Secondly, find or ask their support team to give you a sample of their writing. Look at what they can offer, see whether it’s good for you. Only then can you move further.

  • Range of Services

See what else they offer. Do they do revisions for free? Do they edit papers? Do they do multiple-choice tasks? Free revisions and editing are essential for the clients because, as said earlier, sometimes the writers make mistakes. If you don’t want to end up with a flawed paper on your hands and no hope of changing it – that would be a bummer, so make sure they revise papers for free. The best writing services are versatile so that they can meet any expectations and put together any type of project. That is why you must always check on the range of services they provide to the clients.

  • Prices, Discounts, Coupons

Prices are what most clients consider first when checking in the writing service reviews. Keep in mind, you cannot go cheap and expect a top essay writing service. That’s a tradeoff between the quality of your paper and the price you are ready to pay for it. If you want your paper to be good, be prepared to pay a bit more. Be sure to check on the loyalty program the website offers. Most of them give you discounts for being a loyal customer, so as time goes by and you place more orders, you get some discount coupons that lead to good and cheap college papers written for you. That way, you’ll be able to save some cash.

Coupons and other kinds of promotions make a difference between good websites and the best academic writing websites. Such websites might not be the cheapest out there, but one thing that’s for sure is that they will never go cheap on you. They usually provide you with a scope of services and customer care that’s worth every single dime you pay. So, prices can be tricky and cheap rarely means good, so be careful when choosing a website to work on your papers.

  • Customer Support

Make sure there’s a 24/7 support team ready to help you communicate with your writer. Usually, such websites provide writers and clients with full anonymity, so there’s no chance of your personal information being compromised. That is why there’s a support team that mediates your communication and creates comfortable conditions for cooperation between the writer and the client. Customer Support teams also help in dealing with such issues as revisions and assist you in requesting the same writer to work on your following tasks.

Support teams usually work 24/7 so that you could reach out to them any time of day and night. You cannot expect your writer to be online all they long though, so the support team would redirect any messages from you to the writer any time of the day. A good support team is the feature of the best writing services online, so make sure there is one of the websites you’ve chosen.

  • Feedback and Reviews

Look for paper writing service reviews online and see what other people say about writing service you’ve found. Make sure those are real reviews coming from real people and not some cheap essay writing reviews posted by the employees of that company. Go through the essay writer reviews, see what other people say about this service, how they rate it, how satisfied they are with the writers, support team, and all the other aspects of the service’s functioning. Go through those reviews and define which one you could trust.

This is especially important to people who seek writers to work on some serious and long-term projects like dissertations. You can, of course, order a dissertation in one piece, but most clients would usually order it in pieces from the same writer. To do that, you will need to go through some of the best dissertation writing services reviews and collect some information from other clients. Peer-to-peer communication is the key to success here, so be sure to ask other people’s advice or just read some of the top essay writing reviews out there.

  • Time on The Market

Stick to the companies that have more experience and more time on the market. Such companies do not only function better as businesses, but they also have access to more competent writers. In case the company has been around for years, most likely it has a huge database of great writers who’ve also been on the market for years. Such writers have tons of experience, positive ratings, and all-around skills to put together any kind of text.

Ordering the best writing paper is only possible when you work with the best writers, which means you need to contact a long-lasting company that has the right writers to work on your assignment. Of course, some of the newer websites might also have some talented writers to back them up, but it is far more reliable to stick to experienced businesses that know exactly what they are doing and what you, as a client, expect to see. So, whenever you read the best essay writing service reviews, pay attention to the time the company has been around.

Essay Writing Service FAQ

Will my paper be unique or they’d just send me some pre-made paper from their database?

Your paper must be an entirely new and unique paper with no trace of plagiarism in it. Of course, you can’t be sure with all the companies out there, but all the decent companies in this business always give you unique papers written according to your requirements. More so, some of them might go as far as to mimic your writing style and write a paper that looks exactly as if it was written by you. If you are not a native speaker and want your paper to look as authentic as possible, you writer can use simple language and write paper accordingly to match your English proficiency level.

Who are the academic writers?

Usually, these are graduates or even professors who write those papers to make extra money. Usually, a single writer specializes in just a couple of disciplines which ensures the quality of the papers they write. Some writers are more versatile and capable of writing literally any kind of paper. Such writers work in the industry for years, and with such a wealth of experience, they are real specialists in most of the fields you could think of. If you want your writer to be a narrowly specialized specialist in a particular field, though, you can always request such a writer and receive exactly what you need.

What if I don’t like my paper?

Well, this is possible. Writers can make mistakes, and unfortunately, sometimes clients might be displeased with the product they receive. There are two options here: first, you can request a revision of your paper, and in most cases, the writer will revise your paper for free. In case the mistake was on your part, let’s say you’ve forgotten to upload some critical element of the instructions or did not mention some requirements, you’ll most likely have to provide additional payment for your writer. The second option here is refunding the paper completely. This happens when the writer really failed to deliver. If your paper is not at all what you expected — you can ask for a refund and get your money back.

Can they edit or proofread my paper?

Yes, you can pay for a proofreading and editing service too. This is much cheaper than writing papers from scratch so you can write your paper yourself, and if you feel it’s lacking that edge — just order editing service from the essay review service and they will polish your essay. This is a rather helpful option for the clients who want to write themselves but lack skill just yet. That way, you can learn to write, see strengths and weaknesses of your writing, receive comments from the professional writer, and improve your writing skills really good.

What subjects do they specialize in?

Any subject imaginable. As said earlier, there are thousands of writers out there, and all of them specialize in different subjects. Regardless of your field of studies, there surely are at least dozens of writers ready to help you. Even the most complicated and the rarest subjects are not a problem, especially for companies with huge writer databases. These guys can find you the right writer and get your paper going fast.

Wrap Up

Here you have it, a detailed description of what custom academic writing is, what they do, how to find the best writers, and how to deal with issues that might arise along the way. Go to the essay writing service reviews best service websites, see what they offer, and place your order. If you have a hard time putting together your paper, don’t have time for it, or you’ve just got more important things to do — custom writing might be the right solution. If you have a viable reason not to work on your paper yourself, then it might be a good idea to save yourself some extra time and order a paper from online writing service like the ones we’ve mentioned before.

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