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Are you stuck writing your essay and can’t stand the pressure when the deadline close? We understand your situation very well and what you are going through. Since a high-quality paper is equivalent to higher grades, you will need someone who you can discuss all the details and requirements of your essay with. But how do you start trusting an academic writing company with negative and positive reviews?

According to their official website, Bid4Papers claims to have been in the business of delivering high-quality academic content since the year 2014. The name of the essay writing site speaks for itself: basically, it is a writing market where writers bid for papers. Automatically, this writing platform falls among academic writing companies online that operate as a freelance market, through a bidding system.

The first time we learned about Bid4Papers was in one of the discussions in Reddit about academic writing service. Sad to say, Bid4Papers has many negative reviews and comments, and this is the reason why we became curious and wanted to confirm if indeed Bid4Papers offers terrible services. In this our Bid4Papers review, we aim to answer the following questions:

· What is Bid4Papers?

· Is Bid4Papers legit?

· How does Bid4Papers work?

· Is Bid4Papers good?

· Is Bid4Papers safe?

We have organized this bid4 papers review for clarity and functional flow of the content. Besides paying for Bid4Papers’ services, we also did in-depth research on the writing services. Most of the research involves going through forums, discussions, customer feedback and Bid4Papers reviews.

In this Bid 4 Papers review, we have covered the company’s services, pricing, payment, quality, website usability, customer service, strengths and weaknesses. The reason that has informed our decision to review Bid4Papers is the below-average and negative customer feedback.

From our review, we concluded that Bid4Papers offers bad service and therefore, we do not recommend anyone who values quality services to waste money on this platform. Everyone deserves a good website, one that helps write and deliver high-quality content on time. As much as the site has its advantages, you are at liberty to use Bid4Papers at your own risk and peril. Continue reading and find out more about the academic writing company.


For some students, they can’t stand “Bid4Papers legit?” and “Bid4Papers scams?” type of questions echoing in their minds. We wanted to help and find out if the site does help customers realize their academic goals or is it just another scam site that seeks to rip off unsuspecting students.

We decided to try Bid4Papers services. The site ensures that in four simple steps, we can efficiently complete our assignment. As we opened the website, what caught our eyes first was their promise: “We Help You Get Better Grades”. The message felt like some motivation, so we proceeded to place an order.

The first thing we had to do was to fill the order form and published clear and concise instructions. Their site says that one does not need to pay even a cent in this stage. Within minutes we started received proposals from several writers.

We initiated a live chat and talked to some of the writers. Eventually, we selected a writer with an average bid and who appeared to be a suitable candidate for our project. At this stage, we had to deposit funds into our Bid4Papers balance so that the writer can start working on the order.

From there, we started monitoring and watching the progress of the paper. The essay came with many issues that needed some revision. The writer agreed to look at the article, correct the grammar mistakes and organize the content using the proper format and structure. We received the revised copy late, so we had to submit it directly. Guess what? I got a C on that paper.

Is Bid4Papers legit?

According to our experience and some Bid4 papers reviews, it would be unfair to say that it is a legitimate site. Our bad experience with the writing service shows that they offer low quality work, which spells failure on the student’s side.


Unfortunately, you will not find a clear list of services offered by Bid4Papers. Here you can order almost any type of academic writing material. The only place you can get a clue of what to get from the site is when you fill the online order.

When making your order, you will be required to select one type of paper. The papers that fall in this list include essay (any), admission essay, annotated bibliography, argumentative essay, article review, book or movie review, business plan, case study, coursework, creative writing, critical thinking, presentation or speech, research paper, research proposal, term paper, thesis or dissertation chapter and among others.

Generally, we learned that Bid4Papers offers three services writing, editing and buying of essays. The process of making an order for all of their services is the same: Fill in the online form, list essential instructions, write your personal information, choose a custom writer, make a deposit and wait for your assignment.

How does Bid4Papers work?

Creating a new order in Bid4Papers is a 4-step process:

Provide Order Details: The first step of making an order is filling up the online form and publishing your request. Furthermore, you will be required to fill in your email address, select the type of paper, add the deadline, set the number of pages (275 words per page), and lastly, agree to all the terms and conditions and policy. You also need to accept to receive bonuses, discounts and promotional materials so that you can proceed to the next step.

Pick the best writer — The next step is choosing the best candidate to complete your order. You will start receiving requests from active writers waiting for approval. You can check the writer’s profile, rating, words written in preview and the bid price for your work. What’s left is for you to decide who qualifies to write for you.

Reserve money and Release funds for approved parts — After selecting your favorite writer, you have the benefit of a live chat feature where you discuss and explain the relevant detail of the task. For the writer to start working on your order, you’ll need to make a deposit, which you can release in parts. After making a deposit can keep track of the order and, at the same time, chat with your writer.

Download your work — This stage marks the end of the ordering process. Here the customer is expected to release the last part of the funds when you are satisfied with the work done.


Is Bid4Papers legit in pricing?

The pricing of service in Bid4Papers is legitimate, only that the bidding system has the ultimate control over it. There is no fixed price or any pricing list for their services. The price depends on the writer’s bid you choose. Therefore, you are at liberty to go with a low or high bid based on the qualities of your writer. It is more like gambling.

Going by the Bid4Papers reviews, quality writers will bid the highest, while writers with no or little academic writing experience or knowledge in the study area will offer the lowest. According to our findings, most students will go for the lowest bids.


According to the Bid4Papers home page and FAQ page, we noticed that the site offers two options of payment. In the first option, the site allows you to use your VISA or Mastercard to load money to your Bid4Papers account and pay from three. The second option will enable you to pay directly from your G2A PAY account.


One of the Bid4Papers structures is its Quality Assurance Department, which is responsible for checking the quality of the paper. They claim to check for grammar and stylistic mistakes, conformance to guidelines, duplication and plagiarism.

On the other hand, we believe that the type of writers on the site contributes directly to the quality of the paper. According to Bid4 Papers, there are cases where the writers were extremely out of topic. As much as I was the fault of the customer for picking the cheapest bid, the quality of writers should be above average.

The site claims to have a licensed plagiarism-checking tool that ensures that all papers are 100% original when they are submitted.

Customer Service

Another Bid4Papers’ service structures are the support Team. The site claims that their customer service has professional and friendly customer support agents who are available 24/7. You will get assistance in payment and technical issues. The company informs that they are ready to answer all the questions that the customer might have.

Bid4 Papers reviews show that the support agents will always side with the writers in case of disputes, especially when you have released all the funds. There is no customer support desk or live chat feature on their website; all you got is their social media accounts and a direct email address, which no one knows about their response time.

Website Usability

The Bid4Papers website features a simple design with well-structured instructions and guidelines. What is more, the interface comes with an online form that always appears on any page, which makes it easy to create an order. There is also a video that one can watch to understand their services further. In each service category, you will find essay samples that offer insight on what to expect in the end.

Is Bid4Papers safe?

Bid4Papers takes pride in its IT department, which is responsible for the safety of your information when using the site. They talk of using advanced technologies with a guarantee that your access to their website is secure and confidential. Some Bid4Papers reviews show that there is a breach of security since writers can see your photo and profile. Writers can easily betray you, especially when you are not in good terms.

Pros | Cons


Cheap pricing — The bidding system allows writers to bid low. You get to pick from a range of price offers.

Access to writers’ profile — The site provides access to the writer’s details, which helps a lot in the selection process. The writer’s rating and previous work inform your decision.

Accessible and available communication — the site provides a communication channel where one can discuss project details with the writer. You can chat with your writer directly as you track the progress of the order.

Freedom of choice  — The decision to choose a writer is upon you. You are responsible for the writer you pick

Variety of service — The site does not only offer academic writing services; you can also submit your essay or paper for editing.

Feedback and rating — The customer gets to rate the writer after they finish the assignment. This function helps in the indication of every writer’s performance accurately.


No customer support  — Lack of standard customer support features makes it easy for the writers to exploit and extort students.

No discount codes — Taking into account the target audience of the site, students survive on a tight budget.

Lack of guarantee — Since you are dealing with a pool of writers, some new, there is no guarantee that the work you will receive will be of the highest quality.

Lengthy revisions — Choosing the cheapest bids comes with its consequences. The worst is dealing with writers that have limited knowledge and education of academic writing and the subject. You end up requesting for endless revision of the paper. Some of these revisions take up to 24 hours. Some of the writers might not respond for review.

An enormous number of mistakes — Bid4 Papers reviews show that most customers upon receiving their first draft, they encountered grammar and spelling mistakes and errors. This problem could be a result of the high presence of none English-speaking writers.

Poor quality services  — Bid4Papers reviews show that some writers are fond of missing the deadline, while others submit low-quality papers.


Our Bid4Papers review suggests that lack of customer support automatically makes the site one of the worst academic writing companies. In this situation, it has become a site where customers can be preyed upon by their writers and quickly get away with it.

If you are to use this site for your academic writing needs, then it is better if you go for qualified top-rated writers with the highest bids. Bid4Papers is a site for students who are willing to compromise on quality and need assistance in basic projects that do not require creativity and outstanding education in the subject.

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