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You really desire to get more information about before committing your first dollar. This Boom Essays review takes you into the nitty gritties of the service.

Why you need to take into account our peer review

Of course, there are a couple of user reviews on the site, but experience tells you not to overly rely on these as they may be stage-managed. That is reason enough to read this peer review by a third party.

By what criteria do we choose and evaluate this essay writing service?

BoomEssays has of late become popular among college students. Read on and get to know why.

To evaluate this essay writing service, we had to pose as students and request about 10 papers to be written. All these were from different student accounts. This way, we were able to get a first-hand feel of the service.

That is from opening accounts, communicating with the product specialists, making payments, waiting for the completion of work, and finally receiving the papers.

What to consider when choosing an essay writing service

Of the close to 800 essay writing services we just mentioned, which one will you settle for? The first thing you should consider is the type of writing services they offer. There are some that specialize on dissertations, other on essays, and others on whatever type of writing you need done.

Once you confirm they can handle your specific need, make sure they can handle assignments at your level of education. There is no need to give a Doctorate thesis to writers specialized in undergraduate essays. This speaks of quality. The service you choose must guarantee you good grades.

Another consideration is cost. Depending on the level of expertise of the team of writers, the fee you are charged will vary. Strike a balance between costs and quality for the best results.

Overview of

You may have noticed that all the reviews are 5 star, which is hardly the case in real-life scenarios. One CeCe from USA, Colorado, Denver, portrays BoomEssays as the only company he can entrust his writing assignments to. He further upholds BoomEssays as the best of its kind. Also, he mentions their prowess on any kind of writing and all subjects.

Well, you are free to either agree with or dispute that after reading this BoomEssays review up to the end.

What is BoomEssays?

Boom Essays is essentially an essay writing service. This comprises a team of reliable writers who can help you complete academic assignments you may be struggling with.

The rush and failure, to beat deadlines is commonplace in higher learning institutions. Instead of getting stuck with papers that are too complicated for you, you can hire legal essay writing services to help you out.

You no longer have to lead a very stressed campus life. Dig slightly into your pocket, and your student life becomes easy.

Is BoomEssays legit?

Yes, it is! A legit service provider ideally provides what you ask for. We were able to order papers, pay for them, and we got what we requested within the stipulated timelines.

Is BoomEssays a scam?

No, it ain’t! If it were a scam, you would pay for a paper and never get the paper requested for. From experience, they do deliver whatever orders you place. Make sure to carefully read their Terms of Use before placing an order.

I understand, many of us ignore this vital piece of information when signing up for services or ordering things online. It will only take you less than 5 minutes to understand how they operate, their obligations, and your obligations.

Customer dissatisfaction is not enough proof that BoomEssays is a scam. We do not know what exactly transpired between the company and those who claim it is a scam. In another dimension, scam claims may be from haters or competitors who want to paint a bad image of BoomEssays. It would be good to be balanced in your judgment on what others say.

Is BoomEssays good?

Yes, it is! You will definitely get a good value for money when you hire their services. The only downside is when your field of study is harder than average to grasp. You understand that the team of writers cannot be well versed with

Is BoomEssays safe?

Very safe indeed! I particularly like their money-back guarantee. If you choose to cancel an order before a writer starts working on it, you will be refunded the whole sum of your money.

In case a writer has already been assigned and it is halfway to your deadline, you will get back 50% of your money. If you do not get your paper on time, you are entitled to a Time Delivery Difference compensation. This again depends on the number of days past the initial deadline.

In case your paper is of bad quality, way lower than what you expected, you can claim for compensation. Note that the quality assurance team for the company will conduct a thorough investigation of your claims.

BoomEssays History

BoomEssays was started in the year 2016 by a group of Freelance writers who saw it fit to turn their love of writing into an income-generating venture. Over the 4 years, it has been in business, the number of writers has greatly grown into the hundreds. The company now boasts an international presence, having handled over 2,700 contracts from all over the world. Reliable sources have it that the company is based in Ukraine, though it is not expressly stated on their website.

Services offered by BoomEssays

Before getting into the details, I find it wise to highlight the various assignment writing services offered by BoomEssays. They offer help with assignments for both undergraduate and graduate level. It is common to find yourself stuck on a paper for reasons may be beyond your control.

Boom Essays has a team of professional writers with varying levels of experience. Your essay is assigned to that writer whose experience is capable of meeting the requirements of the essay.

Regarding the field of study, Boom Essays cover quite a lot. From English, management, business, applied math, statistics, sociology, name it! This list is definitely not exhaustive. It is, therefore, good to first inquire from them whether they can handle your paper.

Further, the writing service handles many types of assignments, including short essays, end of term papers, theses, resumes, copywriting, and dissertations.

How does BoomEssays work?

The Order Now button on the BoomEssays website is your starting point whenever you want to hire them for some writing service. You will then be required to specify the paper details. Some of the information you will be required to provide include:

– Type of service – Academic paper writing, rewriting, Math/Physics/Economic/Statistic problems, proofreading, editing, copywriting, or admission services

– Type of paper – essay, term paper, research paper, coursework, book report, book review, movie review

– Subject area

– Topic

– Additional paper details

– Additional materials

– Whether you want the US or UK writer – UK writers are more costly to hire

– Paper format – MLA, APA, Chicago, Havard, Turabian

– Number of sources

– Academic level – High school, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Master’s, or Doctoral

– Number of pages or words required

– How soon you need the paper delivered

Next, you will be asked to specify your order preferences. That is:

– Whether you need an originality report

– Whether you need it proofread by an editor

– Whether you need a 1 page summary

– Whether you need it assigned to an urgent writer

– Whether you’d like to get a draft before the complete paper is sent

Remember all the above come at an additional cost

The final step is filling in your contact information including:

– Your full names

– Your email address

– Your country of residence

– Your phone number


The price per page depends on an academic level, type of paper, and your deadline. The lowest price per page is $12.99. This can go up to 53.99 for advanced academic levels.

To give you a feel of how much you will be expected to pay, have a look at the following three orders:

Details Order 1 Order 2 Order 3
Type of service Academic paper writing Academic paper writing Academic paper writing
Type of paper Essay Essay Essay
Subject area Engineering Engineering Engineering
Topic Green Engineering Solutions Green Engineering Solutions Green Engineering Solutions
UK or US writer US writer UK writer US writer
Academic Level Junior Senior Masters
Number of pages 5 10 20
Urgency 3 days 14 days 48 hours
Originality report Yes
Proofread by editor Yes Yes
1-page summary Yes Yes
Urgent writer assign Yes
Draft Yes Yes
Total Price $167.70 $405.86 $1,240.73

As you can see, you get what you pay for.

In addition to the above, you can get copywriting services from $ 24.99 per page, proofreading $ 6.99 per page, editing $ 4.99 per page, rewriting $ 11.99 per page, academic paper writing $ 14.99 per page.

Some of the free features they offer include:

  • – Limitless amendments
  • – Bibliography
  • – Outline
  • – Title page
  • – Formatting
  • – Plagiarism report

BoomEssays has lots of discounts you can take advantage of. When you hire them for the first time, you are entitled to a discount of 15%. This, of course, requires you to use the provided discount code, which you can find on the Discounts page on their site. The discount code only works for orders priced $25 and above.

As you continue hiring them more and more, your discount level rises correspondingly. For instance, after the first 15 pages, you get a lifetime discount of 5%. After the first 50 pages, you get a lifetime discount of 10%. After the first 100 pages, you get a lifetime discount of 100 pages.


Payment for BoomEssays services is strictly made in advance. The company does not work on any order until you first pay for it. They, however, allow you to pay in installments, which you must agree with them beforehand. Note that this arrangement is only possible for orders worth $500 and above. The installments, in this case, are limited to four.

They do accept payments via Credit Card, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. Even so, you must check out through PayPal for whatever kind of payment you chose.


I would say that the quality you get will depend on the writer assigned the job. As of now, they claim to have hired a total of 272 writers, with 78 of them currently active.

Having ordered different papers on different subject areas, we got some differences in the quality of work. While others were near perfect, others had a few grammar and punctuation errors. For more difficult topics, the content did not match our expectations by 100%. We were able to request revisions, and these were done.

Customer Service

The customer support for boomEssays is top-notch. I am sure you treasure kindness when dealing with online service providers. I give them a tick for that. You may choose to chat with them through text or give them a call on 1-888-205-04-96.

Website Usability

I really like the website layout for BoomEssays. At one glance, all that you need to know is presented before you. No need to scroll through endless links to find what you want. Right from the Home Page, you can access the order Now button.

The good thing about their order form is that you can see the price changes as you fill in the required details. You can alter the details in case you see the price exceeding your budgeted amount.

The Chat button is also readily accessed from the Home Page. You will only need to fill in your full names, email, and question, and you’re good to go. In case you prefer calling, the company telephone number is provided right on the Home Page.

Their simple menu immediately lets you know what the company is about and all they offer. You can easily access the pricing details, customer reviews, discount information, writers’ profiles from the menu bar.


– Fastest turn around time of 3 hours

– A variety of discounts available for the first time and loyal customers

– Excellent customer service

– You can choose your preferred writer

– 100 % money-back guarantee for canceled orders

– You can request limitless amendments


– Poor online reputation

– Non-competitive prices

– Non-Native English Writers

– Erroneous writing at times

– False testimonials on site

– Non-reliable for complex topics


BoomEssays is an average service. You certainly cannot compare it to other essay writing services that have stood the test of time. BoomEssays is somewhat new in the industry, with only a few years of operation. It is certainly the place to go for essays of average complexity. For advanced essays and dissertations, it is good if you can search further for better writers.

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