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Feeling all stressed out because your college paper that is looming ahead with a narrow deadline is not turning out the way that you had imagines in your head? Yes, we get it. That is why having some external help can really come in handy and is a great way for you to make sure that your paper turns out in great shape. But we also understand that it is important for you to know whether this service is legit as some of the services available online are either scams or just ineffective. We reviewed he site based on a few factors as below and our review is one that is unbiased and based on extensive research that we have carried out. The criteria that we have reviewed the site on are as follows;

  • Quality
  • Prices
  • Delivery
  • Support provided
  • User testimonials
  • Ease of ordering and process
  • Company story

They have a wide variety of college papers that they can write including ones that are done at a MA or PhD level with writers who come with these qualifications. There are many variants that can be written through the service such as essays, research papers, term papers, coursework, admission essays, dissertations and more. The subjects and difficulty levels are also met adequately and citations will be done according to your needs.

You can rest assured that your academic paper is being done by experts who have the time and the skills to conduct adequate research on the specific area and because of that, the final result is that you will be getting a paper that is relevant and in high quality for your submission.


What is is a college paper writing service as the name itself implies. It handles over fifty customers daily and accounts for more than 95% of fully satisfied customers. With a client base of over 115,000 customers that span out over more than 38 countries, it hosts a base of more than 81% collee students as customers and more than 120 completed orders on a daily basis that are completed by more than 450 professional writers. There is also around the clock support provided by 15 online support operators. is legit and is not a scam. The site offers a solid guarantee on the work that is completed for you along with a range of support services that will help you have peace of mind when it comes to your academic writing. It is also a safe method of getting work done in accordance or compliance to the requirements that you have.

In order for you to place your order you simple have to follow four steps. First you must provide the order details and requirements and then submit your payment online, you can then track your order status with the help of the customer service center and once completed, you will be able to download your paper in time for your submission date.

Story is dedicated to providing you with the best level of college papers that are completely in compliance with your academic requirements. According to the testimonials on reviews, the many students who have received their services completed from the provider are highly satisfied with the quality and level of the work provided to them. The service provider also employs professional writers with years of experience backing them while also offering a complete range of services for students. They also provide guarantees that the custom made college papers will comply with all of the instructions that have been provided.


There is assistance available to you at all stages of your assignment. Custom researching and compilation of the college papers is just one service that is provided to the customers by the provider. They also offer editing and proofreading services on any kind of college paper that is submitted to them and according to a review, by a customer, the services are highly satisfactory. You can also have a budget and let the service provider know what your budget is, as they can compile your thesis, research paper or dissertation to suit your budget limits as well. if you feel that you need more information about the services that are offered, you can contact the service provider and they will take you through their services.


The pricing provided is highly competitive and rather reasonable for the level of service that is offered. You will be paying a rather fair amount for the high quality of writing that is completed for you by professional academic writers and you will also have peace of mind knowing that your work will be completed as best as possible.


Payment is done online. Once you have submitted the work that you need done, you will be able to select the payment details online and pay in either USD, GBP, AUF or EUR. Your payment will be handled through a safe payment gate and you will also be able to check the standard prices on the site before you make the payment.


There are three types of quality levels that have been differentiated;

  • Standard quality
  • Premium quality
  • Platinum quality

The standard quality option is available for high school, bachelors and college students and consists of academic papers that have simple content and research and will be done by MA degree holders who have a lot of expertise in the relevant subject area.

The premium quality is applicable for bachelors, graduates, masters and PhD students where complex researches and analysis will be conducted with the help of books, journals and unique sources.  It will be compiled by MA and PhD holders.

The platinum quality level is recommended for any project that falls within the purview of the bachelors, graduates and PhD levels. There will be thorough research done on specific subject matter and will be compiled by expert PhD writers in that subject while there will be quality assurance conducted to proofread the papers.

Customer Service

The customer services that are provided will be available around the clock and there is also an Frequently Asked Questions section on the website where customers can browse through to see if the queries that they have are answered. The expert team of customer service agents will ensure that all your queries are attended to efficiently and effectively so that you can get the best of the services without any inconvenience or delay.

Website Usability

The website itself is rather easy to use and simple. There are very clear segments labelled through which you can find the page that you need. There is also the main menu that will direct you to the main areas of the website. The loading time is fast and you are able to upload the work that you need done, make your payment, track your order and download the completed paper all online on the same platform, which will make life easier. The correct information is displayed under each section so that you are not struggling to see what information is relevant to which area. Online chat support is also available should you feel lost.


They are budget friendly

The platform offers you all the services that you need for really affordable rates. This means that the rates that they are offering are really competitive and that you will also be able to get a high quality paper done for what you are willing to pay. If you want to have add-ons that will help you get a better paper, the final price will increase, but you will be receiving a high quality paper.

You receive high quality work

The site offers a wide range of academic writing services and according to reviews, they do not disappoint either. They offer everything from college essays to highly specialized dissertations and thesis for everybody covering a wide range of subjects.

You can save more

You will also be eligible for a wide range of discounts when you ask for services from this site. There are a large amount of promotions, savings, offers and discounts on the site that you can make use of.

Easy to use site

The site itself is rather easy to use and is not cluttered. Only the relevant information is displayed in the right areas and the site looks simple and easy to navigate. The loading time is fast too and you can easily find the sections that you want with the main menu.

Your data is secure

Whatever data that you submit to the site including your payment details is treated with the highest level of confidentiality and your payment is done in the safest possible manner. You are protected from fraudulent activity by means of many verification methods that are in use.

You can make use of the reviews

Being able to read through reviews and experiences of customers before you make a payment is really important when you are making an online payment as well. with the many testimonials that the site offers you can have a clear idea about the kind of output that you can expect for your money.


Response time on the live chat

Because of the fact that there are just limited online support team operators, sometimes, the live online feature will take time to respond. You could send in a question and have to wait for a while until they get back to you.

Customer service support delays

Because of the high number of orders that are being processed on a daily basis, it is possible that there will be delays in the customer service support. While it is meant to be around the clock, you might have a waiting time after sending across a query.

If you want more, it may get expensive

You can get as much quality and add-ons as you want, but that said it may get expensive. For example, if you are going to go for the platinum or premium standard, that could become quite a bit more expensive that the standard quality version.

Payment method may have issues

The payment methods are safe, but that said, there may be slight delays and hiccups when you try to make the payments online. If this happens you may have to try once or twice to make sure that the payment does go through.

FAQ doesn’t answer all your queries

While the Frequently Asked Questions section is somewhat comprehensive it also does not answer all of the questions that you have and can also be covering things in general and not really specific questions that users may want to find the answers to. This could become a little challenging and you will have to get in touch with the team if that happens to be the case.

They mostly focus on academic papers

The main focus here is on academic writing and not on anything that is actually business related. So if you want anything more than academic writing you may be disappointed.


The site is one that offers a fairly good service and while there are some minor issues, which is to be expected with any online service provider, they seem to be capable of providing a good and thorough service that meets the expectations of students. They have both positive and negative reviews but they seem to be legit and holding up the end of their deal and there is no scamming or ripping off of customers that is evident. The timelines that are promised to customers is also being met and if you are in a rush or want to get a paper done from an expert, this seems to be a good site to get it done from. You can try out this site and the services that they offer if you have a need, just make sure to go through all of their services and the pricing that they have made available so that you have a clear idea of what really fits your need.

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