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Almost all educational institutions give students written assignments as a test of their comprehension levels. These tasks also help develop their research and writing skills, which contribute significantly to the student’s overall performance, half or full grade.

Professors and institutional guides demand a lot from these writing tasks: grammar, formatting, structure, style and originality. These enormous requirements do allow the students to procrastinate and end up submitting low-quality papers.

We understand that not all students demonstrate excellent knowledge of writing and research work. Besides understanding the requirements of the paper and workload from classes, uncontrollable personal factors such as illness can easily impede a student from completing their writing tasks properly.
Assignment, essay and research writing is not easy because the entire process consumes time and energy. It involves doing quality research, proofreading the content and submitting the paper on time with fewer mistakes and errors.

The digital revolution has influenced how students submit their writing assignments. Students moved from handing in handwritten content to softcopies, which are easy to read, check, review and mark. Furthermore, one can research and get more content online on various subjects.
Back then, students who used to copy online content directly scored high grades. This smooth ride came to an end when copy checking software to market. Submitting essays with copied phrases and sentences meant trouble for the student. Most of them were blacklisted, while others missed the opportunity to sit for exams.

Strict actions such as suspensions and expulsions fell on students with a habit of submitting plagiarized papers. When the students realized that their careers were at risk, some resolved to focus on writing their essays. Some students prefer to hire someone to do their assignments; Senor used to outsource school work to their juniors.

It didn’t take long until the teachers knew about this new trend. The universities and colleges later changed their curricula, making their courses and subjects more complex. As the juniors became too busy, the seniors had no choice but to seek online writing services, such as Edusson to help them complete their assignment on time and free of plagiarism.

Generally, some students have a limited amount of time to deliver quality papers. Others find it hard to structure their thoughts or construct a written argument based on critical thinking skills. Most students that work and study part-time fall victims to low grades due to low-quality papers. Edusson discovered a gap and found a way to meet the rising demand for quality and timely paper writing services at a small fee.

Story of

In this review, we create a detailed description of the online writing service. There are many questions about what the company offers and whether it is the best place to get academic and educational writing assistance. Here, we provide a wealth of information about this company.

What Is Edusson?

Edusson is an online portal that offers personalized paper writing services that help students meet their academic and educational writing needs. The company markets itself as an online service provider of customized essay writing suggestions.

They aim to help students from high school to university level improve their writing skills through peer proofreading and on-campus writing advisory. The platform professes to have a network of different tiers professional writers ready to work on your essay, assignment and research papers on all academic fields. In general, it connects customers with academic writers at a fee.

How Does Edusson Work?

Joining and completing an order in Edusson is a straightforward five-step process:

  • Registration;
  • Make an order;
  • Receive and approve bids from writers;
  • Make payment;
  • Review the writer and project;

Making your order in Edusson is just as easy as ordering for an Uber. It takes at least three minutes and involves the following three steps:

Step 1: Registration for new customers and filling out a simple form. You provide details about your essay, assignment or research paper and a description of the service you need. The information includes but not limited to the topic, subject, guidelines, number of sources, citation standards, level of work and service package

Step 2: Responding to writers’ bids, selecting a writer based on ratings and reviews, discussing the details of the task, negotiating the price and making a deposit only to be released when the job is complete.

Step 3: Projects initiation. If you are satisfied with the results, approve the work and release the payment. If not satisfied, you can request for a free revision or refund. Services

At the bottom of the homepage, the company lists 60 writing services. The site offers help in writing essays (admission, simple), research paper, dissertations, thesis, articles, assignments, book reports, speeches, coursework, literature review, lab reports, homework, statistic paper, term paper, case studies, capstone projects, personal statements and many more.

All you have to do is to go through the ordering process, as mentioned earlier. The deliverables are well-researched essays, assignments and papers


Writing prices in Edusson vary according to the writer’s bid and deadlines. reviews show that the service provider has the lowest prices in the market, $7.5 per page.

To determine how much you will be charged, you will need to fill out an order form. There is no fixed prices list, so a 1-page paper or 2-page paper with one source may cost you between $18 and $36.

According to Edusson reviews, you can certainly buy an essay from this platform at a more affordable price. The papers are not the cheapest due to several factors such as subject complexity, deadline and writer’s experience.


In the academic writing industry, you’ll have to make a deposit first before you order is processed. It is always crucial for a student to determine the available payment options when choosing a writing service. They assume that a student does not have a vast array of ways to pay, so you are likely to find minimal but straightforward payment options.

The payment options in is MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PayPal. The best thing about this type of service is the smooth and secure payment process. Its grand scheme is simple and easy for students to use and follow.

The grand scheme of the writing service supersedes the minimum payment options. In most instances, students will only have a primary bank card, such as a Visa Debit card, so there should never be an issue regarding payments.

Quality of Edusson’s Services

The quality of written material to expect from Edusson is usually plagiarism-free. From the Edusson reviews, we can see that their writers maintain 90% originality. Satisfied customers who have outsourced their services have stated that their documents were 100% unique.

Their confidentiality, plagiarism-free and money-back guarantees cover for the quality of their writing service. Edusson has a Quality Assurance Department (QAD) that is responsible for guarding and evaluating the quality services provided to its customers.

Customer Service

The customer care support staffs are professional, and most Edusson reviews indicate that they respond to client needs on time and offer any technical assistance as fast as possible. These representatives will answer all your questions and address any concerns you have about the platform.

The Edusson website has a 24/7 customer care service live chat feature, at the bottom left corner of any page where customers can chat with the support staff at any given time, and get immediate feedback. They have also provided their phone number and email just in case you don’t find them online. Most Edusson reviews out there speak positively about their customer support.

Edusson’s Website Usability

At first glance, the website looks modern, clean and straightforward. The site has a fast loading speed which makes it easy to navigate through the pages. The interface is designed with unique features to meet the needs of the customer, writer, admin and support staff.

The site allows return customers and new students easy login and essay ordering process. You can quickly get what you are looking for with just a click of a button.

The website design comes with a message feature that connects the writers and customers. The two parties are now able to communicate and chat freely.

Is Edusson Legit?

IIf questions such as “Is Edusson scams?” “Is Edusson good?” or “Is Edusson legit?” play in your mind, chance are you still doubt the services offered by this site. Of course, Edusson is Legit.

Going by reviews, we discovered that it is a reliable and legitimate business. They use actual writers and offer high quality and unique paper. The comments from customers who qualified for the Edusson’s lucrative discounts and bonuses is proof enough that it is indeed not a scam.

Due to confidentiality, we may not know the real face and names of the writers, but their professional description and titles are always correct in real life. It is the perfect writing service for you and the best choice when it comes to writing essay, research and assignments.

Is Edusson Safe?

Safety here deals with how secure is the information of a student when using Edusson. Consider that you will produce personal and financial information during registration and when making orders. Going by reviews, the student’s personal and bank details are secure and safe. The writing service guarantees that the entire process remains confidential.

Pros | Cons


  1. Choice of writers – There is nothing more significant than having the freedom to choose. At Edusson, you have the freedom to interact with the writers. It helps in selecting the writer that you think qualifies to handle your essay, research or assignment.
  2. Quality content – Edusson never disappoints when it comes to quality content. However, time plays a huge part, especially when your order requires more research. With enough time and you will receive breathtaking results.
  3. Professionalism – At Edusson, you only work with professionals. Some of the writers are people who have mastered their fields of study up to the PhD level. If you are lucky, your assignment might land in the hands of a professor. Their writers are degree holders from accredited educational institutions with excellent academic track records and high command in the English language. Their communication skills, proficiency in a particular area of study and proper understandings of writing (essay, assignment or research) is recommendable.
  4. Meet deadlines – Besides submitting quality content, the writers always respect deadlines. All good things (good grades) take time, so you have to provide decent timelines.
  5. Wide variety of services – The network has a wide range of writing services from which you can choose. No matter how complex your topic is, they always have expert writers who can solve it.
  6. Affordable services – A student’s life is not easy. They do a lot to sustain themselves and as they study. A student will be most concerned about the cost of the service. The pricing of Edusson makes their services more popular.


  1. Deposit first policy – To order essay in Edusson, you must submit an advance payment before they start working on your assignment. This policy works as security for the Edusson writer to avoid the situation where the student fails to pay. If the writer does a shoddy job, it is a loss (cost and grade score) to the student.
  2. Less refund request period – At Edusson there is a provision for refund or money-back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with the writer’s work, you can request a refund within three business days. The revision of already completed work is entirely impossible.
  3. Limited payment methods – According to Edusson reviews, there is room for improvement in the payment methods. Available minimal payment options are a bit disappointing. When it comes to other writing services, a much greater variety of transaction ways are offered.
  4. Availability of writers for complex subjects – Going through some minor negative reviews, we understood that you are likely to find few or no writers bidding on different complex topics that have extreme specificity and niche.
  5. The limited focus in other forms of content – Going through the Edusson home page, it appears that their main focus is into writing essay, research and assignment.
  6. Poor quality service delivery due to non-native writers – The increase in market demand for writing services led to the hiring of non-native writers. The lack of good command of the English language is such writers’ results in substandard papers due to numerous grammatical errors and inability to comprehend the instructions effectively.

Why this is a reliable review? Because we looked at the student feedback and websites that offer essay reviews.

Going through the Edusson reviews, we discovered that it has a high reputation when it comes to adherence to deadlines and quality of writers. Furthermore, some of the reviews speak highly of their smooth bidding system and their competitive price.

If quality is what you are looking for, then look no further than this writing service. This site is home to highly experienced and professional writers who will always revise their work and take the projects with the seriousness that they deserve. We know that Edusson offers outstanding writing services.

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