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With so many things to balance, students sometimes find themselves in a pinch when they don’t have enough time to finish a paper on time. During these times, EssayLab is always there to provide their excellent services to students all over the globe. Thousands of students can attest to the quality of service they provide at an affordable cost. This essaylab review provides an in-depth view of the company and their services. Read along to learn more about their:

  • Story
  • Services offered
  • Pricing
  • Payment Methods
  • Quality of services
  • Customer service


EssayLab is a writing company that specializes mainly on academic papers. With their services offered, most of their clients are college students but they still have other services to offer than just that. After years of expertise and experience in the field of academic writing, they have become one of the best and most trusted when it comes to academic writing.

They have 1700 professional writers working regularly and with varying specializations. No matter what topic or subject your paper is, they will definitely have a writer that is best suited for you. With impeccable quality of work and a money back guarantee, you can be sure that they are providing their best for all their clients. The next parts will give you a thorough idea on everything you need to know about this service.

Company History

EssayLab has been around for more than a decade already. They are working with professional and experienced writers all over the globe to give their clients 100% original paper. They have 1700 professional writers and a team of expert editors and proofreaders to ensure that the articles you receive are perfect. Although they are based in the USA, they cater to clients wherever they are all over the world.

Services Offered

Since they cater to mostly students, basically their services are more on academic writing. They accept orders not only from college students but also from doctorate and postgrad level students too. Here are the types of services you can expect from them.

  • Write a custom essay
  • Assignment help
  • Essays for sale
  • Coursework writing service
  • Research paper writing service
  • Editing
  • Proofreading

Customers can also choose from over 45 subjects for their paper. Most of them want an authentic paper written from scratch but you can still use their other services such as proofreading and editing if you already had your own write-up. Simply place a complete order with your payment and rest assured you can get your paper on time.

How Are Their Prices

Although EssayLab is not one of the cheapest writing services out there, your money is definitely worth it with the quality of service they provide. For $16, you can get a page of 100% authentic essay written by a professional writer. However, their prices may vary depending on the writing level you need and the length of time you give for the writer to finish the paper. For instance, high school and college level papers are definitely cheaper than postgrad or PhD levels. Also, the longer the deadline is, the cheaper it will cost and shorter the deadline is, more expensive it could be.

Aside from writing level and deadline, another factor that affects the price of your order is the quality of writer you want for your paper. You can specify this in the order form. Beginner writers are more affordable than advanced or expert level writers. However, their work qualities are different from each other.

You can also choose between their premium and platinum customer services. For premium users, your order will be seen by their top 50% writers who are all advanced and expert levels. However, you have to add 10% to the usual price. On the other hand, orders from platinum users will be given to top 20% or their writers which will cost you 20% more in price.


Modern businesses need modern methods in receiving payment from their customers. Just like other writing services out there, customers can choose from a variety of ways to pay for their order at EssayLab. They accept PayPal, American Express, Visa and MasterCard. However, they don’t accept payment from other e-wallets out there which could be a major disadvantage since some students use other e-wallets aside from those 4.

There’s no need to worry about your payment. In case you’re not satisfied with the paper you received, you can always request for a revision from your writer given that it’s still within the deadline. They also offer 100% money back guarantee for plagiarized work and missed deadlines. With their excellence in this field, most of their customers are fully satisfied and return as happy clients again.

Quality of Their Work

EssayLab can guarantee you high quality service no matter what kind of academic paper you need. They are more focused on the quality delivery. However, their writers are categorized in different levels and you can actually choose what level of expertise you want for your paper. You can choose from beginners, intermediate, advance and expert level writer to make your paper. Although they are of varying expertise, you can be sure that they are writing your paper from scratch – 100% original and plagiarism free.

If you have issues regarding your paper, you can ask your writer for a revision. Just make sure that your new instructions are still in line with your original directions. Also, don’t forget to give additional time for the writer to revise your paper since it might take time to meet your preferences. At the end of the day, you’ll absolutely be happy and satisfied with the paper you receive, as most of their clients are.

Before giving you the final paper, it will pass first to their team of expert editors and proofreaders for a thorough grammar, spelling and content check. Once it passes through, you’ll surely be getting a perfectly written paper. There’s no need to worry about missing your deadline since their writers see to it that they finish the work on or ahead of time.

Customer Service

Their writing service is definitely of great quality. However, their customer support is not that good compared with other competitors. They have a 24/7 live chat which is a great help for clients who need quick answers to their inquiries. Clients can also send them an email for further inquiries or concerns about their orders. However, those are the only ways to contact them since they don’t have a call center for customer support.

Another thing is that their website doesn’t have a FAQs section. If customers have questions or inquiries, they really have to send a message or chat with an agent to clear things up. It would be really helpful if they have FAQs page on their website even just for the basic questions to save customer time. However, customers can follow them on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated with their latest news and offers.

Website Usability

Their website has a great combination of professionalism and creativity. Their layout is simple, with all the essential parts categorized into two tabs on top of their home page. Clients can also easily check the price of their order by just filling out the mini order form at their homepage.

Placing an order is also quick and easy based on essaylab reviews by previous clients. Aside from letting the customers set the specifics such as number of pages, subject and topic, clients can also put in special requirements such as citation formatting. Clients can also easily upload additional files on the order form in just one click.

With all those good qualities their website has, the only issue is the way they present their site content. Their text size is too small for some parts, making it hard to read for some. Their site is also a bit wordy which can lose interest of some customers who don’t have much time reading their content. All in all, using and scrolling through their website is still worthwhile.

Pros and Cons

Based on all the other essay lab reviews, they are one of the best companies you can trust when it comes to academic writing. As a wise consumer, it is best to know first the pros and cons of a service before buying it. Here’s a helpful guide to help you make your final decision on which service to get.


  • High quality work – They pride themselves from years of experience and expertise in the field of academic writing. You can be sure you’re getting the best papers when you trust EssayLab.
  • Choose a writer – Unlike other companies that only match your order to appropriate writers, you can choose your preferred writer when you buy their service. Clients can even select the quality of writer they want for their paper whether a beginner, advanced or expert.
  • Detailed order form – Clients can easily specify the kind of paper they expect with their order form format. Aside from that, there’s no need to send additional files on a separate email since it could already be attached on the order itself.
  • Safe transactions – You don’t have to worry about your money when you order from them. Aside from the assurance that you’ll be getting high quality work, they also offer 100% money back guarantee if the client is not satisfied with the service, which rarely happens at all.
  • Secure data – Clients don’t have to worry about their personal data when filling up forms. Their site is well encrypted, keeping essential data such as card number and other personal details safe from hackers and other threats.
  • Has 24/7 live chat – Although they don’t have call center for customer support, their 24/7 live chat can make up for this. Clients can make an inquiry and get prompt answers at any time of the day.


  • Offers mainly academic writing – EssayLab is a reliable company for students looking for any kind of academic paper to be done. However, they’re not much in demand with customers looking for other writing services.
  • Can be a little expensive – Unlike other companies that offer essays for as low as $9, EssayLab is not one of the cheapest out there. But with the quality of their service, your money is definitely worth it.
  • Limited payment options – As of now, they only accept payment from PayPal, American Express, Visa and MasterCard. It would be helpful if they add more e-wallet options to choose from to make it more convenient for customers to send their payments.
  • Limited customer support – Clients can only contact their support team thru live chat and email. Aside from not having a call center for customer support, they don’t have a FAQs section too on their website unlike their competitors.
  • Less perks and discounts – When placing an order, it is hard to know how you could get discounts or if there are any. They don’t have coupon or discount codes in their site unlike their competitors. They could draw in more customers when they have discounts and promos readily available especially for repeat clients.
  • Hard to read website content – Their website has good layout and color scheme but some parts have too small texts which is not convenient for some. They tend to get a bit wordy too on some parts which take much of the client’s time.

All in all, EssayLab is definitely a great service everyone can trust when it comes to academic pieces. Although they are not as cheap as others, their clients don’t regret choosing their services to help them in their write-ups. No matter what subject or topic your project demands, they surely have the best writers to give you an original and flawlessly written paper. This in-depth Essay Lab review will surely help you make the best choice in academic writing service. Whether you need a simple essay or a full-length research paper, you’ve already come to the right place.

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