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For starters, EssayEdge started as an editing and proofreading company and later expanded into a writing service. The company claims to have two decades of helping students triumph over the complex essay writing process and reach their academic goals — getting accepted to their dream schools.

Going through EssayEdge reviews gave us an idea of what to expect from the website. Besides, we learn that the platform has an excellent customer base and network of editors, proofreaders and professional writers. If this is indeed true, then EssayEdge is better than its competitors in the writing market.

Our EssayEdge review aims to help readers understanding how the site works and the service and features they offer. We seek to confirm if the site is adept at writing essays for higher-level projects and papers.

In this Essay Edge review, we cover specific areas such as services, pricing, payment, quality, customer service, website usability, pros and cons. The evaluation will also attempt to answer some of the fundamental questions most customers wish they could ask, such as:

· What is EssayEdge?

· Is EssayEdge legit?

· How does EssayEdge work?

· Is EssayEdge good?

· Is EssayEdge safe?


In our search through the internet, we came across an array of EssayEdge reviews and comments. Many of them were negative, some looked fake, and others appeared as paid content. Some students were asking “EssayEdge legit?” and “EssayEdge scams?” type of questions. To make it easy for them and answer their questions, we decided to test the level of expertise of the writers, editors and proofreaders in

The EssayEdge review came at the right time when we had a Law assignment that was due for submission within three days. First, we obtained a document on the same topic from a freelancing site and then submitted the copy with some mistakes and errors in it. The subject was related to Law and not that complex.

Later, we uploaded the document, submitted the payment and used the 24 hours turnaround addon. The site sent us a notification that the review and editing would be complete within a day- the deadline we chose while submitting the essay for editing and proofreading.

After 38 hours of waiting, we got the paper, which was a bit late. We expected that 24 hours was enough to edit and review the entire essay. This result confirmed that it was indeed a mediocre and average editing service.

The paper that we received was full of grammar mistakes; some of them we had to change by ourselves. The formatting was not as per the requirements, and they forgot to add a comment on the thesis statement.

Is EssayEdge legit?

If we go by our experience and the EssayEdge reviews, our answer to the question “is EssayEdge legit?” is No! Notably, EssayEdge is not all sugar, cookies and rainbows: they deliver low quality work as advertised, and that’s the reason they get negative reviews.


Reading form several EssayEdge reviews, we can tell that the site has a range of services, and they mostly focus on tutoring, editing and proofreading. They also have a network of college, graduate and MBA writers from prominent fields of studies such as Law and medicine. Most of their services are tailormade for college or university students.

What is EassyEdge?

EssayEdge markets itself as a world’s premier essay editing service. They aim to help students with whatever kind of writing by transforming it from something good to something truly great with editing and proofreading services.

Searching through the official website of the company and various reputable Essay Edge reviews, we found that the writing service can edit:

· College application essay

· MBA school essay

· Law school essay

· Graduate school essay

· Medical school essay

· Academic essay

Behind each of the six general services, there are further categories by the field of study. For each specific service, there is a sample essay to give you a clue about what they can do. Their services are available for high schools, graduate, masters, and doctorate levels.

How does EssayEdge work?

“How does EssayEdge work?” To answer this question with more clarity, you need to know how to make and complete an order. Making an order in EssayEdge is a simple three-step process. Clicking the “Buy Now” button takes you to a questionnaire consisting of the three pages:

Upload your essay: Upload a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .txt document to determine the word count and hence the cost of the order. Click on the Next button to move to Step 2.

Choose A Service: This page has three sections: choose a service (Proofreading, standard or Premier), Type of essay (Collage, Graduate, MBA, Medical, Law or Academic) and enter your information (Email and Last Name).

Payment: This is where you pay for your order by either PayPal or Credit-card. This page of the questionnaire allows you to add an essay prompt, along with any other details you’d like to share with your editor. Do not forget to apply your coupon code.


EssayEdge treats its new customers with a discount coupon code. With this code, you can save $20 off the order. Unfortunately, the total cost of your order is only visible at the final stage of the ordering process.

Most writing services link the price list on their first page, but in EssayEdge, it is a different case; you have to go through the ordering process. Pricing in this platform is on word count, which is again different from writing service companies that charge by the page.

The pricing of order in EssayEdge depends on the type of service, the word count and the deadline you set when making the order. According to Essay Edge reviews, it will cost you more to write a 1000-word paper from scratch than to edit a 300-word essay on this platform.

These are the three factors that determine the pricing of your order in EssayEdge:

· Your essay word count — 0-2400 words

· The type of service — (Proofreading, standard or Premier)

· Addons — 24 Hour Rush and Second Look

EassyEdge packages its services into three plans:

Proofreading (from $69) — The most affordable service package in the list. This plan is suitable for near-final essays that need a quick polish. This service plan looks for typos and grammatical errors that you might have missed. You will have to wait for 48 hours to receive your final draft. However, there is a 24-hour rush option at an additional cost of $59. You also have the option of choosing an editor.

Standard (from $149) — An average service package that offers both proofreading and expert critique. The constructive critique focuses on your essay’s structure, content and tone. It features an option for a second critique or second look or second round of editing, which comes with a turnaround of up to seven days and unlimited email interaction with the editor at an extra cost (50% of the standard order cost). It also features the option to choose an editor and 24-hour rush options.

Premier (from $379) — This is EssayEdge’s most comprehensive service package. It offers a guide right from brainstorming for the topic to the final draft of your essay: One brainstorm session and two rounds of critique. In terms of communication with the editor, you get two phone conversations and 14 days of email support. Since this involves a lot of work, it comes with a 2-week turnaround time, which depends on how you fill the questionnaire.

Failure to choose an editor automatically allows the system to assign an editor for your work. Choosing an editor marked “unavailable” gives the system the go-ahead to appoint one for you. The addons in the standard plan are mutually exclusive.


At EssayEdge, you have to make a payment immediately after you upload your paper for editing and review. On their FAQ page, they accept credit cards, as well as e-wallets such as PayPal and Alipay; Other similar websites only support credit and debit cards.

EssayEdage only accepts one essay per order. For multiple documents, you are to submit each as a new order. Our EssayEdge review shows that you can pay for your order using PayPal and credit cards — VISA, Mastercard, Discover or Amex.


The quality of EssayEdge services, based on the experience, we would say that it was not according to our expectations. The reviews in their official site show positive ratings on the quality of papers and the reviewers who appear to be returning customers suggest that the quality of their work is supreme and professional.

We tested their professionalism and what we received was below average. We discovered that the quality of service in EssayEdge does not correspond to its high price.

Customer Service

According to the Essay Edge reviews on their official site, the customers talk of a helpful and efficient customer service department. In case you do not find answers to your questions on their FAQ section and blog, then it is useful to make contact with their customer service department.

Essay edge has a live -chat function that runs on the intercom. In case the EssayEdge staff support goes offline, you can use the phone number (if you live in the US) or email address that is on the support section.

Website Usability

We liked the EssayEdge website because of its super clean, modern design. New users find the site quite attractive and easy to use. The company uses a structural approach; everything necessary is in grids and sections. The website usability of the site is rather good.

The interface design promotes easy navigation and fast transaction with the site. Uploading your document is fast and smooth. Thanks to the clear and concise instructions on their website, it is easy to find all the information one needs.

Is EssayEdge safe?

The most crucial point for you to consider in an academic writing platform is safety. The EssayEdge’s Terms of Service guarantees that reputable services handle payments made on the platform.

Pros | Cons


· Experts in Their Field — some websites offer both writing and editing, but in EssayEdge, it’s different. All the time and resources are devoted to editing articles and proofreading content. EssayEdge specializes in academic assistance rather than writing.

· Choice of The Editor — all the packages or plans have a provision to choose the editor you want to work on your task.

· 24-hour rush option — this option on the pricing table is more affordable, especially when you are in a bit of a hurry.

· Real photographs of professionals — going through the list of editors and proofreaders, you will notice that their faces match the names and expertise.

· Active customer service department — Their support services are quick and robust. Their support staff is aware of the operations of the business, so they all answer to your questions. They provide channels of communication such as live-chats, phone calls and email support.

· Availability of various payment options — While some of the websites only support credit and debit cards, EssayEdge adds e-wallets to its list of payment methods.


· Costly services — Writing, editing, and proofreading your essay in Eassyedge is not cheap. You have to pay a lot to get professional assistance. Their charges are considerably higher than the average market price and writing services. It is expensive for minimal corrections.

· Limited writing services — The website seems to focus on editing and proofreading services. Little is available on their writing services.

· Lack of quick delivery services — the minimum turnaround for editing or proofreading an essay is 24 hours. If you happen to go through some of the Essay Edge reviews, you will come across some serious concerns about the late submissions of papers without any explanation.

· Low editing quality — Most EssayEdge reviews talk about their poor-quality editing and proofreading services. The papers come back with grammar mistakes and errors.

· Fake Testimonials — Essay Edge reviews online suggest that the customer testimonials and comments on their official site don’t seem genuine. Some have criticized the feedbacks for having grammatical errors while there are expert proofreaders and editors onboard who can correct such problems.

· Lack of a discount system — Taking into account that the main customers of this writing service are students, there ought to have been a pricing strategy to accommodate their purchasing power.


For sure, it is hard to compare with other writing services because of the nature of the services that they offer. EssayEdge reviews outside there are full of negativity, which is a show of shoddy work and unprofessionalism. To answer the question, “is EssayEdge good?” it appears that EssayEdge offers bad services.

So, is EssayEdge good? Overall, this EssayEdge review allows us to say that any student that values quality and affordable services should avoid this platform. This site is not suitable for students who can’t afford to pay for the premier plan and those who seek help in writing their essay from scratch. Eassyedge’s bad services due to its costly services, low-quality papers and late submissions.

Compared to what the market offers, it is an expensive affair seeking writing, editing and proofreading services from EssayEdge. If you are on a very tight budget, then do not bother to try the services of this company, you will be disappointed.

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