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If you’re looking to get a paper written from scratch, there are enough essay companies for you to choose from. However, the number of them that only offer editing services are limited. From this assortment, EssayVikings is seemingly the best.

You may want to work with them, which is great. However, you’re skeptical as many essay companies are less than great. Don’t fret as EssayVikings is certainly worth your time. To tell you everything you need to know about them, just go through this review. First, let’s look at the advantages of this service:

  • Company history
  • Quality of work
  • Payment means
  • Prices
  • Ease of use
  • Customer service


EssayVikings is a writing service that focuses on editing prewritten pieces. They are very popular among students, for good reason. They’ve created a name for themselves so far in the industry. They’re owned by, which is a Ukrainian powerhouse. If you’re wondering, their parent company owns many sites including other writing services, as well as gambling and SEO related ones.

As of now, they are most popular in the EU, but they have a presence in the US. Even if you’re not from these areas, you can still work with them. If you’ve heard a thing or two about them, you will know that they are legitimate. After all, their site has been heavily verified, even been DMCA protected. If you wanted to work with viking client services scam or not may have been at the back of your mind, but knowing how popular and verified they are should clear any doubts.

That being said, its competitors have more verifications. There is something you should know about EssayVikings though. Its parent company isn’t the most transparent.  Although noteworthy, this shouldn’t be something that should affect your decision to work with the service as the essay company has a squeaky-clean reputation.

What Is Their History?

EssayVikings is not new to the world of essay writing. They’ve been in the business for a number of years. Over this period, they’ve worked with 100,000 clients. Not only is this impressive, but they also have thousands of writers at their helm. The company prides itself on hiring the best, so you’re bound to find someone you like.

As mentioned, their parent company is a machine. They run some of the most successful SEO firms in Ukraine and even have an educational center. EssayVikings and a range of other essay companies have partnered together to offer educational assistance to students in the UK and the US. Without a doubt, this is the cherry on top.

How Are Their Prices?

EssayVikings doesn’t operate like other writing services. You aren’t assigned a writer automatically, you get to choose one. Because when you upload your document, vikings writers will bid on your task. Each of them will come with a different price tag, so how much you pay will depend entirely on who you choose. This is why you may end up paying quite a bit, which can be risky.

With your purchase, you get quite a bit. The editor will work on the material that’s present and build it up. In the end, you’ll get something that no one will know was worked on. Let’s not forget that you can get the final product revised several times. The first three revisions are free, so you’re really getting your money’s worth.

Moreover, you can choose between standard, premium, and platinum writers. The higher the tier, the better and more expensive they are. One of the benefits of using the premium tier is that the essay company chooses the perfect writer for you.

How Do You Make Your Payments?

Like the majority of essay companies on the market, EssayVikings lets you pay through credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal. In terms of card payments, the site accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Although many people use PayPal, it’s not available everywhere. So, this let us down.

You shouldn’t be worried about the security of your payment as the site is encrypted. However, EssayVikings won’t say if 256-bit encryption is used or not. Also, your data is not stored on the site as the essay company stores them on third party entities. In terms of when you’ll be making payments, it’s after you receive your order.

You most likely will be happy with the end product. If by chance you’re not, don’t worry. The platform lets you apply for a full refund, but you need to act fast. You can only do it 3 days after you receive your order. Unfortunately, the essay company’s refund procedure is known to be a hassle.

How Is The Quality Of Their Work?

You can get some high-quality pieces done on EssayVikings. You will see an array of writers, with their qualifications, ratings, and experiences on display. As a result, you can avoid anyone who’s not worth your time. What’s more, they don’t have just a few writers bidding on your task. There are thousands of them, so you’ll always find someone that you’ll like.

When working with other services, you will notice that your paper goes through an assembly line of a process. First the writer works on it, then a team of editors analyses what he or she has worked on. This doesn’t take place on EssayVikings as once your writer is done, your paper is sent back to you. This considerably affects the quality of the final piece.

The fact that you can get it revised if there is an issue is fine, but the revisions are only free for the first three attempts. If you’re going to get it fixed for the fourth time, know that you’re charged a very pretty penny.

What’s Their Customer Service Like?

Their site is easy to use, which is due to the lack of clutter on it. However, they take this too far with their FAQ section. Although it answers some hot topics, their selection of questions is basic. However, they do a good job of answering what they are asked, but not a great job. This may not seem like a big deal, but FAQ sections are the site’s first line of support.

You can email them if you have an issue. According to EssayVikings, they have representatives working 24/7. Unfortunately, this isn’t evident as emails get answered quite slowly. Unfortunately, the answers they give aren’t as thorough as they should be. The nail in the coffin is the fact that some of their representatives don’t speak English as their first language, so it’s hard to understand them.

Thankfully, there is a live chat. It’s the most effective way to get answers as you get quick, thorough replies. Although a live chat is great, you may be wondering if the essay company offers a call center. The answer is no, so you’re strapped in terms of choices.

How Easy Is Their Website To Use?

We have to say, their website looks good. It isn’t the best-looking site, but it’s certainly appealing. That being said, it’s almost childlike in design, which may put you off. Now, not many EssayVikings reviews talk about this, but we thought it was noteworthy.

If you recall, it’s minimalistic, so there’s less clutter to go through. Due to this, the site runs very smoothly. We faced an issue with some web pages though. Some of them refused to load. This is especially true for their ‘edit my paper’ link, which takes you to the page that lets you place your order. Thankfully, it got up and running after a few tries.

Other than this, the essay company’s bidding system may throw you off. However, it’s easy to get accustomed to, so this isn’t too much of an issue.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Working With EssayVikings?

Having covered everything, it’s clear that the writing service has a multitude of pros, but also some cons. Before we wrap our article up, let’s go through a list of them.


You Can Work With The Best Writers

When it comes to other writing services, they assign a writer to you. Unfortunately, this can lead to you working with someone less than great. This won’t be the case with EssayVikings as you pick the person you want to work with.

Make The Payment Later

The fact that you can make your payment when everything is done is great. This gives the writer extra motivation to do his task and means you’re only paying for something you are happy with.

Pay What You Can Afford

The bidding system not only lets you work with a writer you like, but it also helps you work with someone you can afford as you can pick someone based on their fees.

The Site Is Easy To Read

When going through EssayVikings, you will notice that their site is quite minimalistic. The lack of clutter makes it easier to use, which is something some of the most leading essay companies struggle with.

You Can Get Immediate Answers

EssayViking’s means of customer support are not the best. However, they have a live chat for you to use. Easily, it’s one of the best things about the company as their live chats allow for immediate, informative replies.

The FAQ Section Is Minimalistic

Its FAQ section is very succinct. This means its answers are very easy to read. Moreover, it has the answers to a good range of topics.


Prices Can Be High

Although the bidding system can be used, a lot of the time, it results in users spending more than they should as the writers who are bidding may have high rates.

You Could Work With Someone Who’s Not So Good

As you’re picking a writer, you might not know how good one is. As a result, you could choose someone who isn’t that great at their job.

The Site Can Be Unresponsive

The EssayViking’s site looks great, but at times, it can be unresponsive. We found that some of its pages didn’t load. This is especially true for its ‘edit an essay’ page, which is the page you use to make orders.

Refunds Are A Hassle

Compared to other essay companies, the refund process on EssayViking’s is not the smoothest. It is known to take a while, and the refund procedure has many terms.

Your Work Is Not Quality Checked

One of the major drawbacks of working with the essay company is that your article is not sent through an assembly line of a team. Instead, your editor is the only one who works on it. This isn’t the case with EssayViking’s competitors.

The Site Isn’t That Secure

EssayVikings has made it clear that their site is secured. However, we don’t know what type of encryption they use. If they aren’t using 256-bit encryption, customers’ sensitive information is at risk.


Without a doubt, the essay company is well worth your time. The site’s bidding system is something you won’t see when working with its competitors, which is refreshing. Not only is it a fun experience, but it also lets you choose someone you like. However, there are several cons to it. For example, you could be stuck with a writer with less experience, and the writers who are bidding may have a high rate, so you won’t be able to get your work done for cheap.

Other than that, the site looks great, and there is adequate customer support. That being said, let’s not forget the fact that certain web pages can be unresponsive. Unfortunately, the site isn’t that verified as well. When compared to other essay companies, EssayVikings doesn’t have McAfee or Norton certificates.

We appreciate that they’re encrypted, but we don’t know if a proper lock is used or not. As you can imagine, this makes us apprehensive.

Other than that, they provide editing services that are well worth your time. They’ve been at it for several years, and have worked on over 100,000 orders, and have over 1000 writers at their helm.

Hopefully, you learned quite a bit from our EssayVikings review. So, what do you think about the site? If you want to get a piece written from scratch, they might not be the company for you, but they’re certainly worth it if you want a draft perfected.

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