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Looking for a great writing service can be overwhelming. Not only are there many of them out there on the internet, but there are also a lot of scams. This is why you need our review to find out which ones you can trust.

EvolutionWriters is a popular writing service and is known to be one of the best. We’ve gone through the countless other EvolutionWriters reviews online, and looked at them in-depth. We used the following factors to review the site:

  • Reputation
  • Services
  • Website usability
  • Pricing
  • Payment
  • History
  • Quality of work

So, why don’t you read ahead to find out if they are worth it?


Without a doubt, they’re a powerhouse when it comes to academic papers, so you won’t be disappointed. Unlike a multitude of its competitors, EvolutionWriters is a legitimate site. They’ve been verified by a number of high authority sites, like Norton and the DMCA. Not only are they safe, but they’re also great to work with as they’re very strict when hiring writers. As a result, you’ll only work with the best of the best and get a professionally written piece at the end of the day.

Speaking of the writers, once your writer is done with your piece, it is checked by an editing team. Each step of the way, you can track what’s going on, and you’ll be notified when the article is ready through your email. Overall, their services are certainly worth the cash. This isn’t too hard to see as they’ve had several happy customers over the years.

Keep reading our Evolution Writers review as we run through everything mentioned, and more!

What Is Their Story?

The platform is doing well. However, its origins are a mystery. This shouldn’t matter as the company has built a name for themselves in the United States. And they’re certainly a favourite when it comes to college students. After all, their site has been heavily reviewed, certified and encrypted. For example, they are McAfee and Norton secured.

What Are Their Services?

EvolutionWriters are known for academic writing. The majority of their services revolve around this. You can choose from :

  • Homework Help
  • Custom essays
  • Term papers
  • Research papers
  • Thesis
  • Dissertations
  • Assignments
  • Resumes
  • Personal statements
  • Speeches
  • Book reports
  • Book reviews
  • Movie reviews
  • Lab reports
  • Case studies
  • Coursework

Before you take the leap, you can view a couple of sample papers on the EvolutionWriters’ site. They have a selection of services for you to choose from, but they aren’t that noteworthy as what they offer is the norm. You can get a paper edited from them as well. All your grammatical errors will be fixed, and you are sent a summary of what has been done. If you’re interested in the editing service, know that they only edit academic papers.

When choosing a writer, you’ll have to pick from a range of skill levels. From undergraduate to postgraduate to doctorate, you can find someone suitable.

How Are Their Prices?

Compared to other writing services, EvolutionWriters is known to be cost-effective. This is something that all Evolution Writers reviews agree with. You’ll love that they have a table with their price list. However, the table isn’t the most extensive. The prices are extremely competitive though, but depending on what you’re looking for, the price may not be that affordable.

A factor that can propel the final price is your article’s deadline. If you want, you can get your work back in as little as 3 hours. For the sake of your wallet, you might not want to do this. If you want to save the most, consider a different service. As mentioned, they offer editing services as well.

If you’re comfortable with their prices, you may want to know what you’re getting into. There’s no need to worry as there’s a tool that lets you input everything you need. It calculates how much you’ll have to pay. This is great as the tool is free, but what you’re going to get is 275 words per page. Excluding the price, your piece will be quality checked several times, so if you’re still not happy with it, you can get it revised.

How Are Their Payment Methods?

The platform gives you a range of referrals programs. When a friend uses your referral link, you get a percentage off your orders. What’s best is the fact that you can use the discount for any order.

Know that they’re pretty heavy-handed with their discounts. When you buy in bulk, you save a pretty penny. This is something that is always appreciated when working with writing services.

You don’t have to worry about your payments. The company is verified by TrustGuard. You should also know that your data is heavily encrypted as their site is DMCA protected.

In terms of how you’ll be paying, you’ll have to choose from Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Unfortunately, you can’t use an e-wallet.

The fact that you can get a refund is great. Evolution Writers lets you do this if they can’t find you a proper writer, have made a payment mistake, or if they’ve missed your deadline. There are also partial discounts.

How Is The Quality Of Their Work?

Let’s talk about plagiarism. It’s a major issue when getting papers done. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about it. Your paper is passed through WebCheck which is a major anti-plagiarism tool.

As mentioned earlier, you can choose writers from a range of skill levels. This affects the quality of work you’ll get considerably. Once the work is done, it’s sent to a team of editors. The editing team runs through consistency and how well the writer followed your guidelines. If there are any issues, the piece is revised before being sent to you.

EvolutionWriters boasts having some of the best freelancers in the UK, Australia, Canada, and the United States. So, you’re getting a quality piece written. Moreover, the piece is finished days before your deadline, so it’s quality checked many times. And each step of the way, you’ll know what’s happening as there is a status bar for your order. It helps you get a quality product as you know what the people working on your task are up to.

How Is Their Customer Service?

When it comes to customer support, EvolutionWriters is seemingly great. They have 3 call centres that you can use. They are in the UK, US, and Australia. They’re toll-free, so don’t worry. The fact that they’re available 24/7 is the cherry on top. And the representatives are known to be very helpful. So, keep this in mind.

If you’re not a fan of using your phone to call, you can call them on Skype. There is also a live chat that is open all day. Also, you can send a mail, but the replies can be slow. The email representatives are helpful, however, they are usually not that thorough. This is to be expected as they’re probably replying to a number of emails at a time.

As with any good writing service, you get a detailed FAQ section. However, it’s not very organized. This can dampen its impact. To top it off, you can communicate with the EvolutionWriters’ team on Twitter. The platform has a social media presence and is known to speak to customers on the app.

How Easy Is The Website To Use?

To be frank, we’re not crazy over its UI. EvolutionWriters does not look as professional as the majority of its competitors. This isn’t a major blow though. This also doesn’t mean that it’s not easy to use. This is far from the truth as the site is very well organized. However, moving through web pages, you’ll notice a lack of cohesion.

For example, the home page is clean, but when you go to something like the FAQ section, everything is bulked up. This can affect the loading speed of certain pages.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using EvolutionWriters?

Without a doubt, EvolutionWriters is a service that is worth your time. However, you deserve a complete run-through. That’s why we’ve noted down the major pros and cons of using the service below. So, read ahead.


They Have Great Prices

Many of the writing services on the market offer unreasonable prices. You won’t have to worry about this as EvolutionWriter’s prices are on the lower end of the spectrum. What’s best is, you get 275 words per page, and if you’re not happy with the final product, you can get it revised.

You Get A Quality Product

Once the writer is done with your piece, they don’t just hand it to you. It’s sent to EvolutionWriters’ team of editors, so you get something professional and polished. The editing process is extensive and is done way before your deadline. So, the final product is checked many times.

You Get 24/7 Customer Support

At any given point, you may have an issue. You must get it sorted out. You don’t have to wait days as EvolutionWriters has 24/7 support. Moreover, they have 3 toll-free numbers, which means you’ll not be spending more cash.

Your Information Is Encrypted

You could be paying them a lot for the work. As a result, you want your payment information to be safe. Such a thing will take place with the platform as they’re heavily encrypted. What’s more, they are DMCA certified and have verification from TrustGuard.

They Have Great Deadlines

If you want your paper in a matter of hours, you don’t have to fret. You can get it in 3 hours. However, the quality of the product won’t be as great as something that has been worked on for a week.

Get Discounts

With their referral links, you will be saving a lot. Depending on the season, you could save a pretty penny as there are countless discount codes to use.


There Is No PayPal

Not being able to pay through PayPal is a major drawback. The majority of the world uses it for their transactions. This might make or break your decision to work with them.

Customer Support Can Be Slow

When it comes to email support, it could take a while for you to get a reply back. Unfortunately, when you do get an answer, it may not be that useful.

WebCheck Isn’t The Best

Although the software has a major anti-plagiarism tool, Copyscape is a better option. The platform doesn’t use it though. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue as WebCheck gets the job done.

There Are No Unlimited Revisions

Countless other writing services offer unlimited revisions. This isn’t the case with Evolution Writers as you only get 3 for free. Once they’re done, you’ll be charged.

The UI Doesn’t Look That Great

Once again, this isn’t too much of an issue, but the platform doesn’t look that great. This may not matter to you, however.

The FAQ Section Doesn’t Look That Great

This is another minor issue that may not matter. However, the FAQ section doesn’t look the most organised. The selection of questions seems to be limited too.


Now that we’re done with our EvolutionWriters review, what do you think? After all, the pros easily outweigh the cons. When you go through the many EvolutionWriters reviews online, you’ll see this.

That’s why they’re the perfect place to go if you want an academic piece done. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about how they came to be. Moreover, you may be put off working with them as their site isn’t the most appealing. At the end of the day, this shouldn’t matter as you’re getting something that has been written with a lot of care. It has also been quality checked several times, so you’re going to be a very happy customer.

How can we forget the many discounts that you’ll be getting? This is the true cherry on top, so nothing is stopping you!

Will you be utilizing EvolutionWriters’ services in the future?

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