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Do you want to score as best as you can on that upcoming essay? Worried that you may be running out of time or that you may not be able to meet the standard that is required to get that top mark? Working with a writing service would help out with your essays, so that you can rest easy. This is why you may want to work with a writing service. In order to help you with the above need, we’ve run through the below points to decide if Grademiners, one of the writing service companies is worth a go:

  • Company Story
  • Services
  • Quality
  • Guarantees
  • Benefits
  • Why customers choose GradeMiner continuously?

We took our time browsing through the site and the many facilities that it offers. So, what’s stopping you from reading ahead?


GradeMiners is a service provider that was founded in order to help students who are struggling to write their academic papers, have some support and a place to turn to for genuine help. The service provider is legit as they deliver, but if you check the many Grademiners reviews out there, you’d see that what they deliver is horrible in quality, almost always.

They also offer a list of services that are academic oriented which cover a plethora of areas, and some of these also have very specific and specialized subjects attached to them. You can select the order that you want to submit on the site and lock in a special discounted price for it as well.

The essay company claims that they work to ensure that high quality writing is maintained and that customers keep coming back to them. This is great, but not true. They don’t have the best reputation as their writing comes with many mistakes. That’s why they’re one of the least used essay companies on the market.

Story was founded in 2009 where it was established as an essay writing platform that was curated to help students who found it challenging to write their college papers and other such academic work. The Grademiners review that we compiled was done after taking into consideration that they have thousands of writers at their disposal, with whose help they are able to provide services to the students. They also offer customers the ability to get a free quote on the site.


They offer a wide range of academic writing that covers many areas of study. Some of them are as follows;

  • Essays
  • Assignments
  • Coursework
  • Research Paper
  • Case Study
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Book/Report review
  • Dissertation
  • Term paper
  • Research Proposal
  • Lab Report
  • Math Problems
  • Proof Reading
  • Movie Review
  • Thesis
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Paper
  • Homework

These services are all offered at reasonable rates, but we don’t think they’re worth it. You’ll think the same once you try them out.

According to the Grademiners review and ratings that they have received, the customers who have used their services have complained about the speediness of their work. They can be speedy, but at times, very slow. This is especially true for more advanced pieces like thesis and research proposals.


There is a comprehensive pricing list on the website where you are able to select the type of work that you would like to get assistance in writing with. You can then select the number of pages as well. You can also select the level of urgency when you place your order and the level of academia such as high school, college, under graduate, masters, PhD or the likes.

You are able to make the payment in a wide range of foreign currencies such as CAD, USD, GBP, EUR, CNY and more depending upon where you are based. Once you have placed your order you will be able to make the payment online and get a quote as well.


Payment can be made via a secure payment gateway online. You can also get a quote free of charge for the work that you need to get done on the site. The site has a very comprehensive and exact payment process, where you can first pick all the details of the work needed.

For example, you can choose the level of work that needs to be written and the level of urgency. Then you can pick your academic level and the type of currency that you need to pay with. You can also opt to select the number of pages that are required.

Once all of this information has been put into the system, you will be able to get a quote for how much your writing will cost you. If you are alright with the allocated amount, you can then make your payment online safely.

They also have a loyalty program where you get to pay for the work done with bonuses that are offered to you, when you sign up with GradeMiners. An account will be created for you and will be able to check the amount of bonus available to you with the use of a password.


According to the essay company, they have over 1200 expert writers at their disposal. Apparently, the writers are carefully recruited to the team and come with exponential experience and the right academic background to handle your work. This sounds amazing, but doesn’t translate to their work as students have received questionable work, time to time.

If you work with the team, you’ll see that the writing you receive would be high school level. This isn’t great as you may be ordering something that’s needed for your Master’s degree. As a result, proper citation is not done, and most importantly, the research done to create your piece is the bare minimum.

The writing service claims that an editorial team quality checks written work, and ensures that all points addressed within your guidelines are met. According to them, the writing is also proof read so that the work is relevant to the topic provided, before it finally comes to you. Certainly, this isn’t the case as their pieces come with a range of grammatical mistakes. This didn’t just happen to us as the majority of people we spoke to experienced the same thing. And, it’s common for GradeMiners to not follow your guidelines, even the most basic ones.

Customer Service

Most likely, you will not be happy with what you received from the writing service. If you want a revision done, it will be very hard for you to get it done as GradeMiners is known to ignore requests. Such a thing isn’t heard of, even in the worst essay companies.

There’s a 24/7 live chat for you to use, which is pretty convenient. However, it doesn’t offer reliable replies. You’d expect to get thorough feedback from their customer support team, but their call center loves ignoring calls. Let’s not forget that their email support team takes ages to reply, and gives very vague replies.

Website Usability

The website is simple to use. It is not cluttered with too much information and displays all of the right information in each allocated section. There is no issue with the web pages being crammed up with too much information either and we found it easy to browse through the site.

The design and layout used is also rather minimal and therefore helps in letting the user navigate the site really easily. The colors used are easy on the eye and the non-busy design is quite agreeable even to somebody who is using the site for the first time.

Because of the quick loading time and the easy to browse nature of the site, anybody is able to handle placing an order and understand the process. There is no need for you to be tech savvy to place an order with GradeMiners. However, this might not be the best idea, as mentioned above.


Great Pricing System

The pricing system on the website is rather comprehensive. It also gives you the chance to really explore all your options and get the best possible quote for what you need to be done. They also have a loyalty program that can help you get better deals and then there is also a feature to get a free quote.

Coverage of many areas

The site does not only cater to academic writing. They also help with writing cover letters, movie reviews, resumes and more which means that no matter what your writing needs are, the chances of you getting it done through the platform is high.

Website Navigation

The website is easy and simple to work with and is smooth. There is no big loading time and all the features are clearly presented along with good navigation.

Website Looks Great

Not only is their website easy to use, it looks great. It comes in a design that isn’t in-your-face, making it a breeze to navigate through. Such a thing is appreciated as many essay companies have sites that are full of clutter.

Secure Payments

They offer some secure payment methods. This is good as you may be spending a lot for your order. So, it’s vital that you have your bank details secured.


When you make an order, you will be getting 15% off your first purchase, which is needed as their writing can be a hit or a miss, but a miss for the most part.


Students Don’t Like Their Papers

Without a doubt, the services they offer are questionable. As a customer, you’re better off not working with them. This is especially true as you can get a quality essay done from another company.

Expensive at Times

When you are placing your order, based on the number of pages, level of urgency and the level of academia, your order could actually get a little expensive.

Delays in Customer Service

Because of the high number of orders and queries coming in, there could be a slight delay in the customer support team reverting to your questions.

Delays in Online Chat

The online chat feature is functional. However, because of the high volume of queries, sometimes there could be delayed responses to your queries.

Payment Problems May Happen

The payment gates are secure and functioning but as it is an online payment and due to various issues with the network provider, you may have to be patient when the payment is being processed.

Website Can Slow Down at Times

The website could potentially slow down at certain times, especially when there is a high usage on the web pages.


GradeMiners is a writing service you can use to get a wide range of writing needs fulfilled, whether you are in high school, college, under graduate studies, masters or even at a PhD level. There are also resume and cover letter writing services among other professional level services on the site. This is great, but remember that whatever you pay for would come back to you in high school level quality. And sometimes, even worse.

You’re most likely going to be unhappy with what you’ve received. If you want a revision done, the GradeMiners’ teams won’t comply. They’re known to ignore requests, which will leave with you a paper you can do nothing with.

Let’s not forget that their customer support team which is one of the worst we’ve dealt with. Not only can they be of no help, but they’re known to be pretty rude too. Businesses such as GradeMiners, need to strengthen their customer service to a greater extend.

They do offer competitive rates, and a 15% discount for your first purchase, but many of its competitors do the same. Their cheap prices may tempt you, but view them as a warning as a great writing service would’ve had better prices.

Overall, GradeMiners is less than average, and we don’t think you should work with them. Comparatively, there are better essay companies which offer far more better services, which you should utilize. So, what did you think about our review? Hopefully, you learned something new!

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