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How many times have you found yourself desperate and wishing somebody wrote those long and difficult college assignments of yours that wouldn’t stop piling up? It’s not that you’re lazy or completely uninterested in your studies, but that, most of the time, you struggle with time because you’re likely doing so many things at once. The struggle to juggle things up is real. And that’s why you look for these cool folks who can do write your assignments for you like it’s just a piece of cake.

Nevertheless, you could be worried about choosing to do so. You could have major concerns about style, plagiarism, the authenticity of their work and their service, and so many other things.

To make things easier, we’ve given you a review of We found this to be one of the top popular writing services that offer quite an awesome service to so many struggling folks like yourself.

Sometimes, you may not quite find convincing answers to your questions and your doubts properly clarified. This is the reason we choose to do a thorough review, in which you will find everything you need to know about the service, and then decide, once and for all, whether you should go for it or not. The following are some of the key things factors we use as a basis to make our PaperLeaf reviews:

  • Whom do they cater to?
  • What exactly do they offer?
  • How reliable are they?
  • Potential risks?
  • Why you should or shouldn’t choose the service?


PaperLeaf is an online writing service based in Canada. They are a team of professional writers who are dedicated to making student’s lives easier by taking on their burdens related to homework and assignments.

Equipped with a great team of pros, they have been in the business for not too long, and are known to be super legit. Based on what their past customers have to say, we see that they are one of the top preferred services by college students in Canada. This is mainly owing to their expertise in writing as well as in offering the best customer service.

PaperLeaf has loads of great things in support of college students who are stuck with various types of homework issues, particularly for those who have difficulties putting together a proper take-home assignment. A combination of services and potentials make Paperleaf an awesome service that many students even keep coming back for. As for scams, you wouldn’t find or hear of a single one, because there is absolutely none!

If you have a daunting school assignment, you simply need to go to their website, select your type of assignment and lock in a deadline. Then, look for available writers, have a quick chat with him or her, and hand over the task. You then move on to payments and completing your order/request.


Established in Canada, PaperLeaf was launched with the intention of offering useful and quality writing service to ease academic challenges of college students. The team may be described as empathetic and considerate, which drives them towards helping and supporting hard-working students complete their academic work.

Everyone at PaperLeaf understands how exhausting and overwhelming it could be when you’ve got loads of assignments piling up, and you only have half the time, and minimum ability to cope with and complete them all. When they realized that they’re loaded with potential, they decided to dedicate it in the form of a service, to ease the burdens of young and old college students in Canada.

Thus, PaperLeaf was established and is now one of the most popular and reliable services that Canadian students count on for support, and of course, enjoy working with.


PaperLeaf has a fully operational team with only selected professional experts with combined potentials. Having started as an assignment writing service, they now have a couple of sub-services, too, that turn out to be extremely beneficial to students and professionals who are on their career journeys.

You will see that they offer a small range of other services, in addition to just assignments. Usually, a service that offers assignment help would only cater to writing college assignments for a certain price. At PaperLeaf however, you have a chance to explore a couple of other things, too.

If you click on the tab ‘writing services’ you find the following list:

  • Assignment help
  • Buy essay
  • Assignment writing services
  • Coursework writing services
  • Edit college essays for money
  • Research paper help
  • Business plan writers
  • Professional ghostwriters

As you see, it’s not just one type of service they offer, but a few others that certainly are beneficial to different groups of people. Resume writing services might be one that job seekers would want to check out. They also have a separate list of services under ‘homework help’ which you might benefit from if you have issues with any homework you’ve started on already, and you’re struggling to finish.

As far as academic writing projects are concerned, they will write any type of assignment that you’ve received from your institution, irrespective of how challenging, even confusing you might find some of them to be. In fact, this is exactly where PaperLeaf will come to your rescue. What may seem impossible to you, is what they ultimately make possible and amazing in the end.

In case you’re wondering if they’d cater to your specific field or subject, have no worries! The awesome writing team at PaperLeaf includes experts in all subjects and study areas. Thus, whatever assignment that you’ve got in hand, the chances of you not finding a pro writer at PaperLeaf at it is incredibly low.

The following include the numerous types of academic assignments they are ever ready to do for you:

  • General assignments
  • Thesis papers
  • Dissertations
  • Research Paper
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Critical Thinking
  • Coursework
  • College applications
  • Business plans


At first glance, what you see on the website is certainly something that would make you happy. The first things you notice are ‘Cheap writing services’ and ‘affordable rates’.

However, The website lacks a little detail on how or what basis the prices are structured for assignments. Customers won’t be able to find out anything about the pricing for their particular assignment unless they start entering their details on the step by step ordering process. We see that like any other service, you need to provide basic information such as the type of your assignment, the number of words or pages, and your deadline to get some idea about the price for it.

At PaperLeaf, they are fully aware that students don’t really have a proper income, and that some might not have any at all. Thus, according to their claims, they will assure clients that the charges are completely reasonable and affordable in a way that both parties are satisfied.


PaperLeaf has the most commonly used options for payments worldwide, such as Visa, MasterCard, and Amex.

However, to some, these may still seem like a limited list of options and prefer a few more. It certainly would be disappointing if a lack of payment options becomes the only reason why you won’t be able to use their writing service. Thus, we think that they could make a lot more students happier if a couple more alternatives are added to the list.


Having searched for how PaperLeaf stands out and is reputed for its quality of work and service, we see that they have a range of writing tools that are quite cool. These great tools are one of the main contributors in addition to the skill, talent and expertise of the writers themselves. There are a couple connected to plagiarism checking, and a few others for language polishing. The following are some of those you see on the website:

  • Online free plagiarism checker
  • Plagiarism Checker with Percentage
  • Plagiarism Checker for Teachers

Thus, as you see, there’s no doubt about the quality level of the final work you receive from these professionals at PaperLeaf. They are dedicated, talented and experienced, and want you to pass your assignments as much as you do. With a team of great people and awesome tools, they’d give you so much more than what you would expect!

Customer Service

PaperLeaf cares for its customers and understands that they are likely to have loads of concerns and questions, whether they are those who’ve placed orders, or those who want to know more about their service. Therefore, they’ve made it a point to have a 24/7 support system available to all in need. You can reach out to the folks via phone or email.

However, unlike most services, they do not have a live support option that’s usually the most sought-after feature by many who choose such academic services. We see this as a negative aspect, and so will many others who check them out.

Website Usability

The PaperLeaf website is quite simple, especially in terms of design, structure, and overall appearance. They do not use too many fonts or color schemes. For some, this might seem like a positive aspect. But, to others, this may seem too basic or less appealing.

As for website function, users are very unlikely to have issues loading the website or navigating to different sections and pages. It’s also quite easy to search for specific information that you require, whether you are on your laptop, a tablet, or your smartphone.

In addition, we find the descriptions and language simple, clear and precise. Thus, even someone who isn’t very competent in English will still be able to understand what their service is.


Pros & Cons


A range of Services

Unlike many other writing services, PaperLeaf does not offer you only the option of writing you an entire assignment, or the ‘buy essay/assignment’ option. In addition, they will offer you support on homework completion, editing pre-written essays, as well as Annotated bibliography.

Canadian Writers

The team at PaperLeaf are all native English speakers. This gives students assurances about the quality and accuracy of the writing the writers produce.

You Can Choose Your Writer

You are given the option to pick your writer at the beginning of the order process, by doing a quick assessment yourself.


PaperLeaf produces offers high-quality service and products (final work). They’ve got excellent ratings for what they’ve done so far.


There are so many testimonials from customers who vouch for PaperLeafs awesome service. This is a plus to newbies as this gives them a little more confidence about trusting the service.

 24/7 Support

Customer service is integral. A 24/7 support service is definitely what every student needs, and is made available on PaperLeaf through phone or email.



Caters to Limited Areas

Unfortunately, Paper Leaf caters to students from Canada only. That’s not it, they only have a couple of selected cities that they offer their writing services to.

Writer Qualifications

According to descriptions, the writers at PaperLeaf are University Graduates and expert writers. They don’t seem to have writers with Masters and PhDs, which might be disadvantageous.

Website Info

Looking through their website, you might wish there was a little more information on certain factors about their service.

Website structure

Compared to many websites you might think that PaperLeaf is falling slightly behind in terms of design and structure, as well as ease-of-use.


Even though PaperLeaf offers some of the most commonly used options to make a payment, some may still prefer alternatives, especially because they are students.

Lack of Live Support

There isn’t a proper option to get live/instant support, which is as important as 24/7 customer service.


In conclusion, we could say that PaperLeaf is overall a good service that offers reliable and quality writing services to ease the struggles of college and high school students. There certainly are a few negatives, particularly where payment, pricing, and instant client support is concerned. Thus, we’d say that with a couple of improvements on these shortcomings, PaperLeaf ratings could go from great to excellent!

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