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When you open, the first thing you see is a search browser on the home page, which brings the picture of a database. Indeed, the company confirms that it is an essay database where students can search for more than 100000 free, top-notch assignments, topics, essays, examples, and term paper samples.

StudyMoose is a US-based custom essay writing service. Most reviews consider it to be the most extensive knowledge base with thousands of free essays online. The company targets high school and college students seeking aid with their academic writing. It claims to hire writers specializing in specific fields of studies with substantial experience in academic writing.

StudyMoose markets itself as an online platform that hosts freelance writers who provide customers with high-quality academic writing services. It also seeks to make writing easier for students and other professionals by providing additional materials, such as the best quotations, synonyms, and word definitions.

Nowadays finding a reliable writing service isn’t that easy. Since boasts of provides students with quality content, we had to vet the company to confirm thoroughly. In this Study Moose review, we sought to find out if the service lives up to customers’ expectations.

This in-depth review will cover various aspects of the site: Services, Pricing, Payment, Quality, Customer Service, Website Usability, Pros and Cons. As we conclude this review, we’ll give a genuine opinion of our experience and what we have learned from other reliable reviews.

We have attempted to answer some of the essential questions that every student would want to know before making a payment. In our Study Moose review, we have created a clear picture of how the site works and what to anticipate when you apply for essay writing help.

Generally, we know that StudyMoose is an outstanding service. Continue reading and get the reasons why we arrived at that conclusion.


Tutors have no other better way than to give out essay assignments to test the knowledge and understanding of a student in a particular subject. Creative writing is involving because it needs critical thinking, extensive research, and endless writing.

Balancing the personal, social, and educational life of a student requires time. Essay writing consumes too much time, and also not everyone has the necessary writing skills and talent. Some students have managed to balance these three sides of a student, while others are buried deep into procrastination.

There are those students who have discovered the secret of saving time on research and writing and not violating academic integrity with plagiarism. Most of these students who run on a short deadline are hiring essay writing services such as StudyMoose to help them develop high-quality and Plagiarism-Free Papers.

We decided to place an actual order and gauge the outcome of the service offered by After registering for an account, we proceeded to the ordering process, which was smooth and took us less than 1 minute because we had everything in place. Our selection of options was basic so that we get raw data on their standard operations.

The “All writers” Writer quality gave us access to all verified writers: beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert. Since our reviews were all about standard services, we selected a writer with an average bid. Of course, we also went with the one that had higher ratings, after we made a 50% deposit.

Our paper was delivered a day before the deadline, something we didn’t expect. Some parts of the content in the document needed correction. The writer agreed to revise the article, and within 24 hours, we receive a better final draft. We completed the order by paying the last half of the payment.

Is StudyMoose Legit?

StudyMoose is Legal. The company wants you to look at their service as a way of assistance in understanding how you should do your assignment. They provide information and data according to the student’s requirement, which saves time for research.

Is StudyMoose legit? Yes, the company offers legitimate. We made an order and received a paper that was not far from what they promised.


The services offered by StudyMoose are diverse. In this review, we have categorized them to make you understand. Generally, offers paid and free services. Their free services include free essay samples, flashcards, the best quotations, synonyms, word definitions and tools such as plagiarism checker, conclusion generator, read my essay and thesis statement generator. Free products are useful to make writing your essay easier.

When it comes to paid services, they only have one: Research Paper Writing. If you are keen on the ordering process, you will notice that StudyMoose lists its essay writing services further into three subcategories: writing, rewriting and editing.

The company claims that its writers can work on different types of paper including, essay (all types), articles, assignment, content, annotated bibliography, reviews, business plans, capstone projects, case studies, coursework, dissertations, thesis, lab reports, term papers, research papers, creative writing, critical thinking, movie or book reviews and more.

How Does StudyMoose Work?

Are you tired of going through the StudyMoose free essay database and not finding what you need? There is one way you can get it: Hiring an expert writer from this company. The site offers professionally skilled writers to help solve your custom essay needs. Clicking the “Place Order,” “Order Now,” “Hire Writer,” or “Get My Paper” button should get you started.

After logging into your account, it is easy to get your project done, all you have to do is complete the Four-step ordering process:

· Place an order- Upload files and fill in the following information type of paper, topic, subject, number of pages, deadline, type of service, writer quality, number of cited resources, the format of citation, paper instructions, and paper instructions.

· Select a writer- For new customers, you will need to sign up for a new account to finish the ordering process.

· Check order

· Add funds to your balance –pay for the order to download the


From the information on, pricing for an essay depends on the type of service, deadline, number of pages and quality of the writer. Since it appears to be a bidding system, we may conclude that the cost of your order depends on your budget and the writer’s offer.

According to Study Moose reviews, the starting price is $13.9 a page, which comes with a two days deadline. The cost of your order may go up with short deadlines and requirements. Similarly, the higher the level of qualification and writer experience the more money you pay.

In, you can only view the total cost of your order when you complete the ordering process or log in (if you already have an account) or sign up (if you are a new customer). Most reviews agree that the site has no standard charges.


The payment methods of StudyMoose are visible on the home page of their website. The company offers the four most popular and credible payment method in the writing industry. Therefore, you can add funds to your balance using VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover It credit or debit cards. Some Study Moose reviews suggest that you can also make your payment via PayPal, and Amazon Pay.

According to the site, you will have to pay 50% the cost of your order in advance the moment they find you the right writer to work on your assignment. You’ll have to pay the other half of the payment after you are satisfied with the paper you receive. The company assures its customers that all financial information is secure and remains confidential.


StudyMoose intends to improve the quality of their services using their free online plagiarism checker. They aim to provide a high level of accuracy and uniqueness on the essay content you and their writers submit for checking.

Besides the Plagiarism checker, the site provides other tools such as the conclusion and Thesis statement generators to help boost the quality of the research paper.

According to reviews, sometimes writers submit papers that do not meet the specifications of the customers. If the document does not meet your standards, you can send an amendment request. The writer will then revise the order to match your original instructions. Not that by releasing funds and accepting part of the paper, you lose your claim to either partial or full refund.

The company claims to have a Quality Assurance department that ensures writers abide by the original instructions of the customer. The Quality Team or administration conducts quality control in this company, so you’ll need to contact them to help you solve your problem and earn excellent grades. They also have an Aftercare team that deals with the revision of work.

In our Study Moose review, we conclude that the quality of the paper or service depends on the writer’s expertise and the customer’s explicit instructions.

Customer Service

According to the information on its website, the company claims to offer 24/7 support. You can contact their support team in several ways: physical address, live chat, email, telephone number and social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter).

Most reviews suggest that it is easy to reach customer service via email. The live chat box is online 24/7. We received prompt responses from real customer support agents.

Website Usability has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for students to find the assistance they need. We agree with other Study Moose reviews that the website design is appealing and makes navigation simple. The site’s sleek and responsive makes it easy to navigate through it.

The homepage provides a summary of vital information about the website. You will realize that the site organizes free essays or samples by topic and alphabetically. Therefore, with this kind of order, you save time looking for what you need from the site.

The professional design of the website provides a button on any of the website pages that can lead straight to the ordering process. What we do not understand is the reason why the company decides to use fewer buttons on the menu bar and more on their footer section.

New customers can quickly tell the company’s business right from the homepage. You do not need to have a desktop or personal computer to view the website; you can easily use on a mobile device of choice. The site has a lot of information to offer, so it has found a perfect balance to display them using a simple website design.

Is StudyMoose Safe?

StudyMoose claims they keep their customers’ information strictly confidential and work with them as anonymous clients. They rely on their Fair Use Policy to ensure that your university does not know that you have been using their services. In terms of payment information, they guarantee these customer details are strictly confidential and far from the reach of third parties.

Pros | Cons


· High-quality service — high-quality academic material and writing assistance

· Fast response Customer care — they have a 24-hour, seven days customer care support that responds fast

· A big team of experienced professionals- The site hires a variety of writers with high ratings that you can choose for your assignment

· Plagiarism-free and Grade guarantee — You are guaranteed unique essays that will boost your final grades

· Your preferred writer — The site provides the necessary information about their writers, making it is easier for you to make the right choice

· On-time delivery- the writers in this site are earnest about deadlines


· Customer account- you have to open an account with StudyMoose for you to place an order.

· No price list- You need to log in or register to see the cost of your order

· Advanced payment- the site requires half the value of the order before the project starts

· High price rate- their starting price is high when compared to the industry average.

· No 100% positive rating — Looking at the writers’ profiles, most of them have multiple unfinished papers

· Numerous Revisions- Some writers in the standard package can miss deadlines and provide low-quality documents.


Going by our review, the site offers legal and fast services. We recommend the website to students who need help in high school or college assignments. Without a doubt, you will find the best support team and quality research papers, basically what you need to boost your academic grades. So, is StudyMoose good?

Combining the results, we have obtained from our Study Moose review and other reviews we can easily say that they are good. We highly recommend their services to students that are struggling with essay writing.

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