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Looking for a writing service? There are many of them out there. But how do you know which ones are worth your time?

You may have heard about Ultius, which is why we looked at the quality of their work, the services they offer, pricing, the extent of customer support, reputation and ease of use to determine whether you should work with them or not.

So, let’s get right into our Ultius writing review.


Ultius inc offers a range of writing services. Their selection is extensive, letting you get whatever you need, to be done. According to the platform, they have freelance writers working on your projects. You also get to pick what type of writer you want to work with. You’re asked if you’d like a writer who’s at:

  • High school level
  • Undergraduate level
  • Masters level
  • Doctoral level

While most people need help with their academic papers, you may be looking for something different. Ultius offers business writing services as well, such a thing sounds great but isn’t uncommon in the world of academic essay companies. As of now, they have over 9000 writers at their helm, and they’ve done over 200,000 orders. This sounds good, but the essay company doesn’t have the best reputation. Students have stated their work is below subpar, even horrible.

That’s why if you were to check their reviews, you’d see a range of negative ones. So, do you still think that there’s an Ultius scam? The answer is no, the service isn’t a scam as they’re not running away with your money, but what you’re paying for is most of the time, isn’t value for money.

What Is Ultius’ History?

The site Ultius com. was founded in 2010. According to the brand, they emerged from the ashes as they believed that the world of essay writing wasn’t doing that well.

2013 was a big year for the essay company. They were listed in the Better Business Bureau. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a nonprofit that enhances marketplace trust. This makes you think they’re a reputable company, but don’t be decieved. Also in 2013, Ultius issued its identity verification system to protect customers from fraud.

2016 was especially significant as they launched their app. The platform also made itself easier to use with its Availability Intelligence Technology. This lets users work with writers that are best suited to them. On paper, this sounds good, but Ultius doesn’t put its AIT into use as we were matched with a writer who had no idea what he was doing. This didn’t just happen to us as almost everyone who’s worked with Ultius has complained about how dissapointing their work is.

Four years, later and they are still around, and disappointing students. The brand states that they are bettering themselves constantly. However, with their track record, we don’t know what to make of this. Moreover, they state that they have big plans for the future, and we’re left wondering what they have under their sleeve.

What Are Their Services?

Although we ran through their services in our overview, let’s discuss them in-depth. This will give you a better idea of what you can get done. You can choose from an academic piece, a business piece or have something edited. If you want anything academic-related, you can choose from:

  • Standard Essays
  • Argumentative Essays
  • Persuasive Essays
  • Literature Essays
  • Narrative Essays
  • Essays per specific formats (APA, CMS, MLA etc.)
  • Essays per specific guidelines, subjects, topics
  • Editing of academic papers

If you’re looking to get something edited, there is a range of services as well. These are:

  • Basic document reviews
  • Undergraduate document editings
  • Advanced post-graduate document editings
  • Business document editings

We’ve mentioned business writing pieces. They are:

  • Cover Letters
  • Curriculum Vitae (CVs)
  • Resumes
  • College Admission Essays
  • Graduate School Application Essays
  • Business Plans

How Are Their Prices?

A benefit of using Ultius is that they have a clear price list. This lets you know if you want to take the leap before investing in their services. With one look at the list, you’ll see that it’s pretty extensive, which is plus.

Speaking of their prices, they’re not the cheapest. The majority of ultius reviews agree with this as they’re on the higher end of the price spectrum. Considering that the quality of work they offer isn’t the best, we’re left wondering why they charge such steep prices. To put it into perspective, you can get a page written for USD 20-80. Now, the skill level of the writer you choose would affect how much you will pay, so does your deadline.

You get 275 words a page, which is a lot. The writers are all American, and you get a title and reference page added. The writer is assigned according to what you’re looking for. Overall, this sounds like a great package, but it’s all for show.

How Do You Make Payments?

In terms of how you can pay, Ultius, inc. accepts all major credit and debit cards. They also allow for e-wallets, but only PayPal. You don’t have to worry about your payment as they’re pretty secured. Ultius works with third-party platforms. As a result, your data is never stored with them.

The platform is secure. You might even get an email asking you to verify yourself. This is normal and is a part of Ultius’ UIV (Ultius Identification Verification). If you’re wondering is Ultius legal, know that all of this is done just to prevent fraud.

You’ll have to send them a range of identification documents. You may not be comfortable with this, which is fine. You can ask them to refund your payment. If you’re wondering, you can get discounts for your orders. But this depends on the code you’re using, and from where you got it.

How Is The Quality Of Their Work?

The writer’s draft is the first step in the process. Apparently, its checked multiple times, by numerous people. The work is first checked for grammar and spelling mistakes. Then your guidelines are analyzed, and your piece is run through them. If your guidelines weren’t followed, the writer would touch your piece up. Once again, this sounds great, but just doesn’t take place. It’s all for show as you get work back with multiple grammatical, factual and syntaxial errors.

According to the company, what’s written is then checked for plagiarism. It’s passed through Copyscape which is a major anti-plagiarism tool. This is all done way before your deadline. This lets the piece get checked thoroughly, over and over again. For the most part, this could be true as we didn’t have issues with plagiarism, but we’ve seen customers say portions of what they’ve ordered have been plagarized.

How Is Their Customer Service?

They have a live bot, known as ALISA. The AI-powered assistant has a good chunk of knowledge and is known to have a multitude of predetermined answers. It’s a great first line of support, which is a silver lining at least.

If you’re not a fan of ALISA, don’t worry. You can use Ultius’ FAQ section. It answers some hot questions, and is pretty extensive. It’s alright for the most part, but its thoroughness makes things not-so-easy to read. You could also speak to representatives on Messenger, but they are known to be slow, and even rude at times.

You can use email support, too. It takes a very long time to get a reply back though. Know that you can call them. Unfortunately, you can’t get help in multiple languages, just English. In terms of the call center, you can call numbers in Canada, the UK, the US, and Australia. Once again, you’ll be met with rude representatives, and what’s more, they’re known to ignore calls. Before we forget, when they finally picked up our call, we were met with vague replies and a lack of interest.

How Easy Is Their Site To Use?

Not that many Ultius inc reviews address this, so we just had to. With one look at the platform, you’ll see that it’s easy to use. They’ve arranged everything in subcategories, with bullet points. Overall, the site is easy to read. However, there are many pages on the site. This makes it a tad confusing to navigate through. Although great, this isn’t enough to make up for Ultius’ horrible work. Moreover, the majority of its competitors offer good looking sites too.

What are the Pros And Cons?

With that out of the way, let’s sum up everything we ran through. The best way to do this would be going through a couple of pros and cons.


You Get A Price List

They are very transparent about their prices. This isn’t something that many writing services do, which is a major plus. Not only is their price list extensive, but it also takes lot of factors into consideration. What’s more, they aren’t too expensive.

You Have Multiple Writing Services To Choose From

Whatever you’re looking for, Ultius can get it done. The platform offers many writing services, and they are especially known for their experience in academic pieces, but for all the wrong reasons.

Good Looking Website

Easily, the essay company’s website looks great. It’s very minimalistic, which we’re total fans of. As it’s so bare, navigating it is easy too. However, does this make up for their less than great service? You tell me.

Payments Are Secure

The Ultius website is pretty encrypted. Their services cost a lot, so you’ll be spending through your nose. So, having your bank details protected is a plus.

Fast Loading Site

As it’s so minimalistic, the site looks great and loads fast. As a result, you can make orders quickly.


UIV prevents fraud, keeping you safe. However, is it worth it? The company is going to rip you off anyway.


Their Services May Not Be That Great

The worst thing about the essay company is that their work is not good. In fact, it’s worse than good. They have quite the reputation, and all for the wrong reasons.

Ultius Is Not Cheap

Certainly, their services aren’t expensive. However, they are not cheap either. You’ll find writing services that cost a fraction of the price.

Customer Support Is Only In English

One of their biggest drawbacks is the fact that you can only get customer support in English. What’s more, their call centers aren’t 24/7.

You Can Only Use PayPal

When it comes to e-wallets, there are many out there. As a result, PayPal may not be your go-to. This is a shame as you’re forced to use it if you want to work with Ultius. What’s even more unfortunate is that PayPal may not be available in your country.

UIV Is Difficult To Work With

A lot of users have stated that UIV isn’t the easiest to work with. You’ll have to verify yourself heavily, and pull out a multitude of documents. Unfortunately, you can’t get around it.

Their Website Has Clutter

Although it’s organized well, there are a lot of web pages on Ultius’ site. It can be overwhelming and most of the time makes it hard to navigate.


Although Ultius has been around for a while, it’s clear that not worth the cash. The essay company offers pieces that are less than sub par. This is unfortunate considering that their prices aren’t the cheapest. Moreover, their customer support is not helpful and can be rude.

That being said, the Ultius site is pretty easy to navigate and looks great. This is the only thing it has going for it, and doesn’t make up for the quality of work it produces.

At the end of the day, whatever Ultius review or Ultius essay reviews you’re looking at, you’ll see that the cons outweigh the pros. As a result, it is recommended not to work with them, especially since you’ll be paying quite a bit. However is Ultius legit? The answer is yes, but what they offer isn’t worth it, at all.

For some reason, if you’re sold on the site, you may be wondering if using Ultius cheating or not? Not really as your examiners won’t know you’ve plagarized, if Ultius didn’t copy your work which has been done.

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