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We all have days where we cannot meet our college or work deadlines. This can be because of personal matters or family matters or basically any emergency you didn’t expect. Or, you are too busy with all the work you have to do in school or work and can’t devote enough time to finish your assignments. So sometimes, it will feel great to have someone helping you to write your essay or articles, for you.

WritersPerhour is a writing and research platform that offers a number of services, and has quite reputation but not for the right reasons. We’ve reviewed them for you,  focusing on some of the platform’s most important aspects, which are:

  • Website details
  • Website history
  • Services
  • Prices
  • Payments
  • User-friendliness


WritersPerHour is a platform that offers writing services. Once you order a paper or an academic project from them, they will deliver custom written papers to you. According to the site, a number of writers are at their disposal.

The company  assures clients that their writing complies with US and EU directives and regulations. There is also the company policy that offers custom writing, meet customer needs and protect customer details. As a result, their services are legal.

So, far they sound great, but you may not want to work with them.  You should know that there are a number of negative reviews on their site. The writing service has had their fair share of unhappy customers, so be very apprehensive before working with them. Although their services may are not worth your time, they aren’t a scam as you pay for a service, and get it, albeit not a very good one.

What Do They Do?

According to the company, WritersPerHour is established to provide college-level writing objects to help customers. Their website offers to provide academic papers that can be used to enhance knowledge.

What’s more, they promise qualification, punctuality, and affability. Further assured is the updated knowledge of their writers which they work to improve through regular training sessions. These are great, but Writersperhour is all bark and no bite. Time and time again, students have been disappointed with their work.

What are The Services They Offer?

The number of services they offer is a large range. This includes:

  • Writing papers
  • Preparing papers of many subjects or disciplines
  • Case studies
  • Term papers
  • Movie reviews
  • Lab reports
  • Assignments
  • Personal statements
  • Preparing PowerPoint Presentations
  • Writing a thesis
  • Preparing dissertations
  • Research proposal
  • Editing
  • MBA essays
  • Speech and writing help
  • Writing analysis
  • Letter writing
  • D Papers
  • Book reports

Apart from preparing and completing these projects, you also have the chance to buy written essays from them. When you cannot find the necessary sources for your project, they will also have an online collection of books and other reading material available. So these resources can definitely help any struggling student.

In addition to completing your projects, their blog has various useful articles that you can refer to if you need instructions to improve your academic skills. These blog articles range from academic essay writing tips to write lab reports to the perfect speech for your graduation.


The website of WritersPerHour has the lowest prices in the market promised. The price you will have to pay for a project depends on the number of pages, academic level and the level of urgency. They show their prices under two order categories, urgent and regular. For the urgent ones, you will have to pay a higher amount than regular orders.

All of the prices are listed very thoroughly in price charts and are easy to understand. The prices on their charts are specified based on the academic level, amount of time taken to complete the project and the type of project. Furthermore, you can also calculate your price on the website by entering the details of your project into the price calculator. Additional fees are requested for the projects if the customers wish to change something they have not previously mentioned.

In case the project you receive back has not met with our requirements or standards you are entitled to a refund. The company refund policy considers the following when granting a refund:

  • Low quality of work
  • Writer late with the project
  • Identical orders
  • Charged twice
  • Order cancelation
  • Incomplete work


As a customer of WritersPerHour, you will have multiple options to pay. You can pay via a PayPal account, or even use your credit, debit card. When you are using credit or debit cards you will pay as a guest on PayPal.  The method is safe since PayPal is well known for its safety and security standards. Especially for those who are afraid of losing information to unknown sites or parties and are looking for safe means of online transactions, PayPal is a great option.

When paying with PayPal, you can keep your card number or bank account number. Even Writersperhour will not see your details. PayPal also has a policy of protection in case of a dispute or an error of transaction which further protects you as a customer.

There is also the benefit of paying in installments. This will allow anyone who might find it difficult to pay the price in one installment to pay it in parts. The customers are requested to contact the support system of WritersPerHour and discuss the process of installment paying. For paying in installments, customers will get invoices via emails and do not have to pay using the inline paying platforms.


Although we mentioned that their services aren’t that great above, let’s discuss this in depth. Plain and simple, their writers aren’t good. We were disappointed with what we got, and this isn’t something that rarely happens. The majority of the people we spoke to said that WritersPerHour’s work left them very disappointed.

Not only that their pieces not that great, they are delivered late. We got our research paper a matter of hours before our deadline. Such a thing isn’t seen in the smallest of essay companies.

This isn’t the worst thing about them. The final nail on the coffin is the fact that they plagiarize their work. We had large chunks of our pieces copied off a sample essay online. Once again, this is a very common occurrence.

Customer Service

The website claims that the writers on WritersPerHour are always ready to communicate with customers who may have any questions or doubts regarding the service or even the requirements of the paper. They hope to avoid errors on papers through good communication with the customers and also provide their definitions and recommendations before making an order. Once again, this is all for show as the writers are very hard to get in touch with, and some of them are difficult to work with.

They have a chat option where you can send any message or any information you need to get across to your  writer. They also have a call centre, but they never pick up and when they do, their representatives are almost always not helpful.

Website Usability

The website of WritersPerHour has a catchy and interesting interface. They have separated sections such as the FAQs, benefits they offer, prices, samples of their writing, their blog and company contact details to help navigation easier for the users. The home page includes enough information about the company, a couple of reviews from former customers to give newcomers an idea as well as the process you have to follow to get a project completed by them.

Their website has certainly done well with the colors used. The colors contrast well between the backgrounds and texts so there is no need to squint your eyes to read what’s in there. While sometimes the sections can be text-heavy, all the necessary information is provided. Moreover, the pages load fast so there is no need for waiting.

Pros and Cons of Using WritersPerHour

If you are still wondering whether or not to use their services, take a look at the following list of pros and cons to make it easier for you to make the decision.


Good Looking Site

Something you’ll see in all writersperhour reviews, is them appreciating how well the essay company’s site looks. Although their services may not be the best, they have a website that’s easy to navigate. It also looks different from its competitors, which is refreshing.

Clear Price List

Their price chart misses nothing. The price for each project is there, and they have not forgotten to show how the price gradually increases with the urgency of the paper, the academic level and the number of pages.


Writersperhour guarantees complete confidentiality over your details as their customer. This means that none of the details you share with them will be released to any third party. Furthermore, the paper they complete for you will only be sent to you and it will not be shared with anyone else.

Cheaper Prices

While the prices increase with additional requirements, WritersPerHour has comparatively lower prices than some of its competitors. For example, for a high school level paper that needs to be completed within forty-eight hours, you will have to pay only 19.99$.

Free Revision

Free revision is offered if you need some details altered in your papers. You can get your papers revised by one of the writers in WritersPerHour and they will keep working on it until the paper meets all your requirements. This is done entirely free.

Extra Support

With the supportive articles provided in the WritersPerHour blog, you will have a little extra support to face future challenges in your academics. Skim through the articles to find great writing tips that will be useful for you in tests or examinations as well as assignments.


Payment Method Can Be Difficult

While the customers of WritersPerHour have the option of paying using their debit or credit card, this too has to be done using the PayPal platform. This can be a great inconvenience to those who do not have access to PayPal in their regions.

Online Chat

The website has a chat option for those who need to communicate with the writers. However, they are not available to answer your questions right away. This will mean that you will have to wait until they are back online to answer you.

Inability to Communicate with Your Writer

Due to confidentiality issues, the customers are not allowed to talk directly to the writer working on their paper. Any questions or doubts regarding your paper or their services or any requirements you need to complete in the paper have to be communicated through the customer service representatives.

Text-Heavy Sections

While the website design is easy and comfortable for the eyes of the viewer when it comes to font and colors, some sections on the Home page are too text-heavy for the readers. For example, someone who wishes to skim through the site to get an urgent service will find this difficult to read.

Higher Prices for Urgent Essays

The website does offer some reasonable pricing but if you are looking for an extremely urgent paper to get done, then you will have to pay a considerable amount.  If you need a high school level essay that needs to be completed within five hours, you will have to pay 33.99$. Sometimes for high school level customers, this can be too high.

Their Work Isn’t The Best

Time and time again, they’ve had unhappy customers. Although they boast of having a qualified team, you might not get what you’re looking for.


As you can see in our WritersPerHour review, the writing service is certainly not the best. If you want quality work done, its competitors are more worth your while. However, you may be tempted to work with them due to their competitive prices, but do not give in.

They don’t have the best reputation, for good reason. That being said, they are not a scam as they offer a service for your money, but it’s unfortunate that the service they offer is definitely not worth it.

So, please stay away and find a better service. Do not order your essays at WritersPerHour, because you’ll make your life even more stressful and lose your money.

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